just purchased a 11 wk poodle This dog can pee every 10 min–all over the house will this change?

I have had this standard poodle for several weeks. Great dog, and we’re being very consistent in taking her out often. The longest she’s crated is 4 hrs max. But she can just go potty, and within 15 min, she has gone again. She even goes in the crate, which we hear is very rare. We have had pups before, but this dog seems to have bowels the size of a pea, (no pun intended ha). Any info would be greatly appreciated! Should we continue to crate her every min she is not out eating and going potty? We are finding ourselves resorting to those measures, playing with her less and less, due to her peeing on everything. She has just in the last day or so starting going poop/pee in rooms she never did before. HELP!

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7 Responses to “just purchased a 11 wk poodle This dog can pee every 10 min–all over the house will this change?”

  1. thislifealive says:

    doggy diapers

  2. actnow says:

    I have a bichon that does the same thing. I’ve had several dogs my entire life so I am experienced in crate training. This is the first dog I’ve had that I bought from a pet store. Unfortunately, he was kept in the store kennel all day long so he got used to peeing/pooping in his kennel (broke the natural instinct). We still do the standard go out to pee every 2 hours until he got older then he goes every 4 hours, but if he wants to pee, he won’t wait for the schedule. He finally got kennel trained and got poo trained at 12 months old (he’s 19 months old now). But he still wouldn’t wait for the pee.
    But, what we did so he can still be a big part of our family is we put him in diapers. They sell this "belly band" type cloth diaper for dogs and I line it with feminine napkin (yeah, I know, crazy, huh). Feminine napkins are cheap in Wal-mart if you buy the cheapest maxi-pad. After he turned a year old, he doesn’t go in it too often anymore, but if he does go, he won’t mess up the floors. We still take him out every 4 to 6 hours to pee.

  3. key414 says:

    She should be in the house with you and if she is 11 wks, this is normal. She just isn’t potty trained completely.

  4. jy-aboul says:

    she is a puppy and it does take awhile for her to get use to the pottie time………..I have had lots and lota of daogs right now I have 6 which 4 of them are indoors……….you got to take them pottie every 1.5 hours unless your not home and if your gone she is to go in her box………if they dont pottie outside box her up for 5 min then take her out agian,sometimes it will take a dog 10 min to use the pottie outside be patiant…..every once in awhile they have a accident on the floor….but dont yell real loud at her just make a noise every thime she does it and never call the dog by her name whaen she is in trouble…..

  5. ncisrocks498 says:

    She is only 11 weeks old training takes months. My toy poodle wasn’t fully potty trained until 6 or 7 months of age (and even now at a year he still has an accident every now and then) My JRT mix it took her until she was 9 months to fully get the idea. (she is stubborn though and she is part Chihuahua and they are considered one of the hardest dogs to potty train) Both dogs were crate trained) Our poodle got the idea by the time he was 4 months (and he is a male and was harder to train than a female) Poodles are smart and they get the idea quick.

    I would get some Natures miracle spray to get those stains and odors out so she doesn’t think its okay to go there.

    It gets easier just be patient or persistent

  6. =] says:

    try giving her treats after she pee/poo outside

  7. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

    Have the vet examine her for any infections – constant pottying can be a sign of those. If she’s healthy then you may be giving her too much food or water? Or maybe it just runs right through her? A thorough exam by the vet can rule out any health reasons.

    She could also be holding it in and not going all at once when you bring her out – how often do you walk her and play outside? My pup tends to hold half in so she can go outside more.

    I would put her on a schedule – know when you feed her and when she drinks. She goes out immediately to 20 minutes after eating or drinking, after playing, after naps, and right before/after bed (crate) time. If she still has accidents bring her out every hour.

    Praise like mad IMMEDIATELY after she goes outside. Go with her and don’t play, just to be sure that she goes.