Leaving my pet home for work?

I got my puppy four weeks ago she is now 16 weeks old. Today I start a part time job where I will work from 9-3. I have been crate training her … she sleeps in her crate all night usually around 11-7.. and until today I would be able to spend most of the day with her. I live with my boyfriend and between us both we would never leave her in the crate for more than 2 hours. He lives down the street and does come home for an hour lunch from 12-1. Should I be so worried to have her in her crate from 9-12 and 1-3? I feel bad because she only gets an hour and a half of time to play out of her crate between waking up and me going to work. I realize some people leave there dogs for 8 hours for full time jobs but I guess Im just a little worried for her.

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6 Responses to “Leaving my pet home for work?”

  1. Valerie says:

    I have never left our dogs in a crate. They are older now, and they keep each other company.

  2. KAYLEE says:

    No 3 hours at a time will be fine just leave her plenty of water and something to ocuppy her i.e a toy.

  3. Amy Patterson says:

    Once You Start Doing It She Will UnderStand Whats Happerning, But Once In A While Get A Day Off, And Have A Really Good Time To Prove That Your Not Leaving Her.. And When You Come Home From Work, Make Her Feel Good.

    Hope That Helps Abit

  4. jenjen says:

    Yeah I think it would be okay because your bf could probably take the puppy out when he is eating lunch and put it back when he leaves, then when you come back at three you could take her out again 😀

  5. Mireya says:

    This is way too long to leave a puppy home alone. A 4 month old puppy needs to be taken out every 4 hours.

  6. I <3 Pomeranians says:

    She will be fine. After a while it won’t seem so bad. Even though you love your dog and want to be with her the most time you can, you need to live your life. Don’t worry about her.