Looking for a dog crates?

Just got a new dog, So till he calms down i would want a dog create. Where can i find one

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    1. David Bendtner says:

      There are a lot of places from where you can get dog crates. The best place i would recommend you to get from is the link mentioned below. I do indeed get it from there as well.

    2. J says:

      If you look on-line you will find what you need or at a pet shop.
      Try the above, there will be others you can choose from.

    3. Emily Hannah says:

      pet shops, amazon, ebay loads of places. they tend to be cheaper online tho 🙂

    4. usmcswf says:

      Any pet supplies store will carry a crate that you are need. Depending on what breed of dog that you have, is depending on what size crate you will need. If you have a dog that will be pretty big, buy a larger crate since they will come with the divider to help your puppy while it grows. If it is a smaller breed, then buy a crate that will still fit the dog when it is full-grown. The dog should only have enough room to stand-up, turn-around, and lay down. Anything more than that will cause the dog to have accidents in his/her cage, which is what you are trying to prevent.

    5. Alicia Morse says:


      Search your city and look on pets and you can find really cheep nice dog creates

    6. ALAN!!!!!!!! says:

      Loads of places pet stores and ebay for two examples

    7. Cookie The First One says:

      Any pet shop and/or dog catalog. Check out these ;
      Walmart sometimes carries them.
      Use a crate for the lifetime of the dog. It’s never to be used as punishment or you will be creating a major problem. Dogs are den animals, and usually love their crates.
      Mine eat all the meals in them (door open of course), take naps, and use them as somewhere to get away from all the confusion when we have a house full of people.