My Blaptica dubia roach setup I got the egg flats at http Blaptica dubia roach setup. Useful feeders for many kinds of reptiles.

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25 Responses to “My Blaptica dubia roach setup”

  1. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @1natureboy13 I suppose some people do feed them to their cresties, but I don’t… they’re not very meaty for as hard-shelled as they are and you can’t really gutload them with good stuff like you can crickets and roaches.

  2. 1natureboy13 says:

    Can cresties eat mealworms too?

  3. AntiBookReader says:

    =/ i would NEVER get pet roaches unless it for my gecko 0.0

  4. TheLizardbird says:

    i wish my parents would let me get some to feed my bearded dragon crickets are hard to breed and they smell up my room. also they are to small

  5. dragonguy0588 says:

    @stolenmilkcrate yea thats how my male looks like

  6. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @ZZincorporated as i said in the video i do recommend leaving a decent amount of it in there as the babies hide in it and might eat it. You can scoop some of the excess out with a regular plastic spoon or whatever you want. Just make sure not to throw away babies.

  7. ZZincorporated says:

    Wait, so how do you clean up their “frass?”

  8. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @dragonguy0588 cool i was just linking how some of the spikes look like candy corn haha

  9. dragonguy0588 says:

    @stolenmilkcrate nope but i have a dragon that looks just like him and a few babies but that not my pic

  10. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @dragonguy0588 I watched a couple of your vids just now! Hey is that beardie pic in the background of your channel one of your animals? The one with the little guy on top?

  11. dragonguy0588 says:

    @stolenmilkcrate yea im going to start selling mine as well but i have my vendor permit so i will start selling when im at reptile shows. i was told they they breed like crazy but i never believe the hype now i can saw its true. but i like said before you say money on insects

  12. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @dragonguy0588 Yeah I definitely don’t need to have that many roaches so I make sure to sell some off occasionally! I originally had 100 and bought another small 200 batch from someone else just to have “fresh blood”. I would not like the task of counting them now. When I fed them today I found 2 females with 30+ babies huddling around their feet, it’s so cute 🙂

  13. dragonguy0588 says:

    looks like one of my many roach bins i have i started with 200 now i have around 6 big bins filled with them i guess around 60,000 roaches or more. but they are great feeder never have to buy insects saves me money and time lol but keep up the good work

  14. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @RinAikou that only happens on Saturdays

  15. RinAikou says:

    @stolenmilkcrate I guess.. but… imagine all of them getting out and crawling all over you LOL.

  16. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @RinAikou The littler ones really are cute, they just look like roly-polies. They’re just bugs.

  17. RinAikou says:

    @stolenmilkcrate Oh geez. xD It’s so gross! How can you stand it?

  18. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @RinAikou I’ll be sure to take one of just the scuttling sound.

  19. heloderm310 says:

    I kind of like the scuttling noise.

  20. RinAikou says:

    I am terrified to death of roaches. My friend said that if i could watch this whole video without stopping it, he’d give me 50 dollars. I couldn’t do it. THE SOUND OF THEM CRAWLING… omg

  21. XxdskaterxX says:

    @stolenmilkcrate lol that happened to my camera too

  22. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @XxdskaterxX it’s good that my weird camera started acting properly again! i left it alone for a while and it started working. weird thing. i screw up all technology.

  23. XxdskaterxX says:

    its good that ur posting new stuff

  24. XxARISTOTLExX1 says:

    @stolenmilkcrate oh lol thanks for the info

  25. stolenmilkcrate says:

    @XxARISTOTLExX1 I believe they are also illegal in Florida (where it can be warm/humid enough for them to breed if they escape the home), so you’re not alone.