my brother allowed his dog to breed with his mom. will the puppies be ok? and what are inbred traits?

my brother let his dog loose from its cage in the middle of the night while my dog was in heat. how likely are the puppies to be inbred? and what are possible traits?

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8 Responses to “my brother allowed his dog to breed with his mom. will the puppies be ok? and what are inbred traits?”

  1. JenVT says:

    lmao! They will ALL be inbred. That’s what it means. They will all be poorly bred puppies from ignorant breeders. Get an emergency spay for your girl NOW. It is the sane thing to do now that you have this mess on your hands.

  2. Ch Mickey UD says:

    The puppies are 100% likely to be inbred! What problems that have depends on the breed & their genes.

    I would suggest an emergency spay. When you inbreed like that, recessive genes for really ookie things can come thru. Unless your dogs are from reputable show breeders, none of their ancestors were tested for any genetic problems or not bred when they did have a problem, so you are very likely to have problems. A good many dogs in the BYB & puppy mill gene pool carry bad genes and you can end up with some very expensive problems.

    My neighbor where I used to live was a BYB yutz. She had a mother and son Cocker breed and all the pups had cherry eyes. The mother had one too & they had it fixed- I suppose they thought that fixed the bit^^che’s genes too? Nobody would buy the pups like that and she ended up dumping them at the SPCA.

  3. Helen Rempel says:

    "how likely are the puppies to be inbred?" – well, they ARE inbred (mother to son), so the chances are 100%. However, it’s unlikely there will be deformities (though that is a possibility, especially if the mother or father is already inbred). The puppies will double up on whatever is in the mother’s background–good or bad.

    I strongly suggest the mother be spayed as soon as the puppies are weaned, since obviously your brother can’t be trusted to behave responsibly with his own dog. And do NOT keep any of the offspring to allow this to happen again (unless they are neutered by 6 months of age).

  4. greygarious says:

    Mating closely related individuals is the definition of inbreeding so yes, the puppies will be inbred.
    Inbreeding increases the risk that the problem genes carried by healthy animals will be inherited from both parents, so the puppies will be affected, not just "carriers" of the bad gene. Common lethal genes that may be doubled up – and their effects seen – include cleft palates, open stomachs with intestines outside the body, deformed limbs, and others. In general, even normal-looking puppied may not be as healthy as if their parents were unrelated. People who raise purebred animals learn what undesirable genes are likely to be carried in their breeding animals, and try to select pairs that won’t produce deformed offspring. Careful selection, over many generations, can
    eliminate the bad genes from the gene pool of the breed. A limited amount of inbreeding/linebreeding is sometimes done on purpose because related animals pass on their good features too. For example, if a breed standard puts a lot of emphasis on a broad chest and two closely related dogs have good chests, the breeder might mate the pair to produce puppies that have a really good chance of having good chests and passing them along to THEIR offspring.

    In your circumstances, without knowing what might happen to the puppies and with no good reason to have the litter, it would be wise to abort the litter or do an emergency spay.

  5. Catalina says:

    Don’t think you have a whole lot to scared about…Its definitely not the best situation but they should be OK..I would suggest that you get your dog spayed and this way no more accidents..will make such a better pet..

  6. ³ ŤŘÍČǨƳ ƊÍCKƳ³----------------- éáŧɱ±áƹº«é says:

    Possible traits ? ! ?

    – cleft palates
    – missing limbs
    – missing cranial caps (my least favourite)
    – missing chest wall
    – external digestive system
    – still birth

    Have a spay neuter done to the female before you have to witness this; it isn’t pretty.

  7. R says:

    They can have deformities, missing or extra limbs, missing bum holes, all sorts of things. Inbreeding is wrong and the bitch needs to be aborted. You will not be able to sell the puppies, you will be stuck with a litter of deformed puppies, if you dont fix it now. And one of them needs to be neutered.

  8. Mike R says:

    They are certain to be inbred. Any breeding with close relatives is inbreeding. The other answerers have listed all the birth defects you can expect.

    BTW, stop blaming your brother and take some responsibility for your own neglect. It’s the female on heat that always needs extra protection, not the male who is not at any risk of falling pregnant. You should have cared for her better. In fact you should have had her spayed already.