My Cat poops in the sink…?

I got my kitten when he was about 4 months old and not neutered. Him and his brother were found in a box in the middle of the highway, and I picked him out when him and his brother were in a large kennel. As soon as I brought him home and every day after, he has pooped in our bathroom sink. If I catch him and put him in the litter box he will happily go there too. He is perfectly litter trained other than that. I have another older, neutered cat. I got this kitten neutered last month (now he is about 7 months) old and no difference. He won’t go in our kitchen sink or anywhere else (besides litter box). We don’t have room for another litter box so I keep our one very clean. Any ideas? BTW we have tried filling it with water but the drain covers are cheap and will leak.

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