My dog coughs when he sleeps on the floor but not on the bed?

My 3 month old Lab/Boxer/ pup has had it rough as he had giardia and kennel cough. He had a real bad cough and was hacking so much with the kennel cough but I realized now when he is sleeping on the floor in his crate he coughs and hacks, but when I put him on my bed he doesn’t? My bed is 3 foot off the ground, and I have even tried a humidifier. What is going on?
I wanted to add that I have cleaned his crate and changed the bedding, and I put him on the bed in his crate. He did have a lung X-Ray 2 weeks ago and all was good,so they say.

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2 Responses to “My dog coughs when he sleeps on the floor but not on the bed?”

  1. James Sinclair says:

    There could be something in the crate, maybe something very serious, or maybe something as simple as dust. Nevertheless, you should have it checked out ASAP. If it’s just a pup, early damage to its lungs can be fatal as it gets older.

  2. k9 says:

    The coughing might be an allergic reaction. He might be allergic with something in his crate or it could be that he feels cold in his crate and of course, he feels warm when sleeping on the bed.