my dog has a hacking kind of cough?

ok this used to happen to her before and they gaeve her amoxicillin for it but shes has a cough again and it sounds like shes trynna get somethign out of her throat i dont know whats wrong shell do a weezing then cough then sound like shes spitting up she does it after she drinks water and allot of times when shes in her cage at night.she is very active at home shes very playful but i dont know whats is wwrong with her. shes only a year old pomeranian she like chewing on her toys osmetimes destroys her new ones in only 5 minutes, she likes to eat some oof the things on her toys i caught her a couple times tearing up her rubber toys and eating pieces so i throw them away then i seen her trynna eat her the rope ones like the dental ones and i grabbed it from her, shell take her plush toys and go str8 for the eyes and try and eat it. she does get enuff food and water sometimes i put soft food in there but i dont know what the hell is she coughing for is it kennel cough again ?

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6 Responses to “my dog has a hacking kind of cough?”

  1. twodogs says:

    Sounds like kennel cough. Is she in contact with other dogs?
    My lab does the same things with her toys especially if they
    have squeakers in them. Then she pulls all the stuffing out of the toy and leaves it all over the place. She probably needs to be seen by the vet and put on antibiotics.

  2. massaroandrew says:

    A vet will know for sure so take her to one asap. It could be something as simple as a irritated throat or something more serious and only after testing will a vet be able to tell you for sure. Sometimes a dog will swallow something that scratches their throat and irritates it, hence the hacking sound. Just so you know, rubber toys such as Nylabones can be played with roughly and small rice-sized pieces will pass through your dog’s digestive system with no harm. Perhaps you need better toys, such as Tuffies or Kong Toys. Check for tough, long lasting dog toys. Just remember that when in doubt get your dog to a vet.

  3. Clarence R says:

    You may want to see a vet she could have something stuck in her throat.

  4. catiators says:

    It sounds like kennel cough. If your dog is particularly susceptible to it and is exposed to other dogs often (i.e., being groomed or boarded), you may want to consider getting her vaccinated for it every six months. Bordatella can become pneumonia, so it’s important that she see a vet.

  5. Delilah says:

    Could very well be kennel cough again. I suggest you have her examined to make sure on way or the other. If she is prone to chewing and eating non-food items that may be a problem also.
    Get her examined and discuss the options.
    Hope this helps
    Good luck

  6. ;) says:

    It’s Kennel Cough. It usually passes in about three weeks on its own. If she seems worse, go get some more Clavimox.