My dog has a wooden crate that he sleeps in and he always eats the wood. Why does he do this?

He also eats the wood off chairs and he is not a puupy.

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6 Responses to “My dog has a wooden crate that he sleeps in and he always eats the wood. Why does he do this?”

  1. Lauren H says:

    I have a puppy that loves chewing on wood too. She especially loves this antique rocking chair my mother has. We just figure she’s teething. Your dog is older so he could be acting out or his teeth are probably just bothering him. I heard that if you mix cyan pepper and Vaseline together and put it were you don’t want them to chew, it will stop them and not hurt your furniture either.

  2. marywatson67 says:

    will he not slept in something else ,i would hate for him to get a splinter of wood hung in this throat,also i would take him to vet to have blood test to see if he needs any vitamins and also get a dental check while there ,do you brush his teeth ,they need to be brushed too,OK good luck with your dog hope it all works out

  3. luvAmutt says:

    I don’t know why but some dogs seem to love it. I’d discourage them doing it though as a wrong swallowed splinter could get them in a world of trouble. Try spraying the wood with bitter apple (spray it on heavy) to discourage.

    He’s not necessarily nervous, some dogs just love to chew

  4. Blanca G says:

    maybe cause hes hungry

    feed him more

  5. nicolefc_123 says:

    His teeth may be growing or bothering him. Most of the times dogs eating weird things means that there is some mineral or vitamin missing in their diet. You should really check with your vet

  6. nebula says:

    He’s nervous about something, or in some way mentally uncomfortable. This is not healthy behavior.