My Dog hates his cage?

I just adopted a 1yr old Chihuahua named Tomie about a month ago. He loved his cage at first but now he hates it. He never wants to get in so now I have to physically carry him into it when I have to go out. At night though, he goes right to sleep when I put him in there. Please help

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11 Responses to “My Dog hates his cage?”

  1. Flipgal says:

    It’s seperation anxiety. Be firm even though it’s hard. He need to know that he has to sleep in his crate at night and thats that…

  2. Maw-Maw says:

    They like to sleep with their owner, and sit in their lap all the time.If he does go to sleep in it, you got it beat, just make him go in when you need to leave.Good luck with him,and enjoy him…..

  3. Calais says:

    oh gee do you blame him

  4. danity56 says:

    That’s normal for every dog, to get him used to it but him in the cage for 30 mins everyday, to get him used to it. And he should be fine.

  5. Sparil_00 says:

    always toss a treat into the crate when you put your dog inside. also put him in for brief 10 minute sessions so that he doesn’t have bad ideas about the crate. always be very gentle about putting him inside the crate – never for punishment. the treats have been very persuasive for my dog. now whenever i get out a treat she goes straight in her crate.

  6. bad_dog76 says:

    My dog listens to me, I just have to point to the cage and my dog runs in there. You have to train him to go in there, eventually he’ll go in without you carrying him.

  7. tricialou68 says:

    If that dog is housebroke, he should be allowed to live in the house, not put in a cage.

  8. Lisa Girl says:

    Sorry, I don’t know….we had to keep our kitty in a cage for five days after she had surgery. IT was terrible. I slept on the floor next to her cage to keep her company because she was used to sleeping with my husband and me. My husband thought I was nuts. (I did it for 4 nights) I have no suggestion because I think animals hate cages because they realize they cannot get out and they don’t like being confined. Sorry, wish I had better advice.

  9. Stephanie P says:

    he is probably upset because he knows that u r leaving. my dog is the same way. he has seperation anxiety. just try to take a few minutes to talk to him and hug him and tell him that it is ok and that u will be back. if u got him from a shelter he probably thinks that u r leaving him because that is what his previous owner did. and maybe u should get another dog to keep him company so he is not as lonely i hope this helps u cuz it sure helped me

  10. Tj says:

    Really you shouldn’t take him out to much chihuahua’s don’t like going out they shake as you can tell by now and males are usually agresive(If you are like me mine just sleeps all day instead of hurting you) so if you want something more of something he likes watch him see what he sleeps on the most see what he plays whith and stick it in his cage.

  11. Steel says:

    By cage, I assume you mean his crate?

    It sounds like he’s associating the crate with negative things. For example, if you only put him in his crate before leaving the house, he isn’t going to want to go in because he doesn’t want you to leave.

    Put him in his crate several times a day for very brief increments — say, 5 or 10 minutes, and even less to start with. Encourage him to go in with treats in the crate, and leave the door open. Never trick him into going in and then slamming the door shut, just leave it open and let him come out again. But when he comes out, ignore him. Only pet him and give him treats while he’s in the crate.

    Make his crate comfortable by putting nice soft blankets in it or a dog bed. You might want to remove the entire door for a while until he gets used to it. I know it helps some people whose dogs really hate the crate to remove the entire top half of the crate! Practice these sessions, making it a positive place for him to be, and he’ll probably come to enjoy it again.