My dog is sick! What could be wrong with her?

Ok a day ago we got new grass so we had to tie my boxer up until we got it all in wich took about a day so shes been tied up for twp days. Then when i let her off she tore the grass up so i put her in her kennel for the night and put her out the next morning there was diahria and throw up in the cage the throw up has bits of grass and it was water and iv noticed that shes been getting skinny to where i can see hwr bones whats wrong with her any ideas?

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6 Responses to “My dog is sick! What could be wrong with her?”

  1. Evorda K says:

    The way you’ve described it sounds like your dog wants to get rid of the grass maybe it’s allergic to that kind of grass. You should definitly take your dog to a vet so that she/he can check what the reason is, hope it helped =)

  2. suresh says:

    last evening i was roaming around my garden with my little dog she was just playing near by me suddenly she started crying in a loud i ran away by her side and found that somethings has hit her right leg there was some partial bleeding when i look at the incident spot i found that she might have been trapped in between stones in the garden.

  3. sisu says:

    It may or may not be related to the grass. New grass is highly fertilized to stimulate growth. You dog could have fertilizer poisoning. Take her to your vet.

  4. Granny M x says:

    if dogs eat grass seed it is very toxic as it has a herbicide etc in it same if it is turf your dog is being poisoned by your lawn I’m afraid you would have to build her a very large cage and take her for lots of walks for exercises and keep her away from that grass boxer’s tend to eat almost anything Hugs Granny M x

  5. Clarissa says:

    Well first of all i wouldnt diagnose your dog on what people tell you on here, i would take your pet to the doctor right away! second of all, chances are if your dog is eating grass it’s usually because their stomach hurts, when dogs eat grass almost 90% of the time, they will throw it up. Im not telling you not to be worried about it but grass eating is usually a sign of a stomach problem & if you have her in a kennel, im guessing your pet may have a parasite called "Giardiasis" research it. take your pet to a doctor right away!! weight loss can be the first sign of something serious.

  6. xtwiztidjokakillax says:

    When dogs eat grass, it naturally makes them vomit.