My dog is tired of going to the spca vet!?

My german shepherd was adopted in september from the PSPCA. Before I brought her home she had to be spayed, which was fine of course. When I picked her up the following weekend she was sick with kennel cough which was cured with antibiotics ans all seemed well until the stitches from her spay were removed. Weeks after removal I noticed a stich was left in. The next evening the incision began to open up. We had it restitched (After being assured it would be covered and then having to battle anyway!) then Two of those stitches popped within a week and when we took her back they removed the rest and said that she was all healed and they did not want to hear any more complaints. Well it been about a week and we kept the E-collar on, and continued keeping the incision clean & dry. Only when I came home from work today it seemed to have been bleeding. Im very frusterated. What can I do to insure the incision heals properly this time? I thought I was doing everything right this time!

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5 Responses to “My dog is tired of going to the spca vet!?”

  1. Nancy M- Happy Holidays from Sid says:

    ?? You are complaining because you have to take your dog back to a vet and not spend hundreds on it to be seen and cared for? Things like this happen — it happens all the time in human and canine medicine and it is NICE that the SPCA will follow up with her care. If she isn’t healing properly it might be that she is just not healing properly. Normally an incision line will heal within about ten days and a stitch being left in isn’t uncommon at all and I have had to remove stitches left in after spending hundreds for surgeries and follow up. If the incision reopened it was because she didn’t heal – not somethng the SPCA vet did or didn’t do but because like people, some dogs simply aren’t that great at healing – in people we usually look to diet if there is an issue healing as it takes good levels of protien for any organism to properly heal. I hope it heals properly this time as well but sometimes regardless of what one does it doesn’t always make for everything to turn out perfectly. If you are concerned then take her to YOUR vet and have her checked out. If you don’t have a vet, you need to locate one and establish a raporte with one because you will need him/her in the future as the dog will always need to have proper veterinary care. Good luck.

  2. Garya says:

    They said that they did not want to hear your complaints any more? Or is it that they did not want to face their mistakes anymore. As long as it is not red, inflamed or pussing it should be OK. Also that is nice that you adopted her, sounds like you love her. Good luck to you and your dog.

  3. <3 Yorkies = Lovely <3 says:

    Well, this is very, ummm frugelmored for lack of better word. I would complain. You probably have to pay for them fixing her after fixing her. I would invest in a vet. ALSO. VETS HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN THEY ARE GETTING YOUR MONEY FOR ANSWER QUESTIONS, NO MATTER HOW STUPID AND COMPLAINTS NO MATTER HOW COMMON (yours is neither just saying)

  4. zephyr wind01 says:

    Take her to another vet. The one you have been deal with sound lame to say the very least. I have never heard of this happening if it was done right in the first place.

  5. FishStory says:

    There is something seriously wrong if the incision didn’t heal for weeks after the suture removal. Most incisions will be well healed long before the stitches come out.

    It just doesn’t make sense. Get this dog to another vet.