My dog isn't acting the way she used to?

PLEASE help me! my dog Coco isn’t acting normal last night she wanted to get out of my room to go outside so i took her outside (in the backyard) and she didn’t do anything! Then she went back to sleep and started random whining which is definitely not normal for her. Then I double checked to see if i had rolled on top of her and i didn’t. Then this morning after i fed her she went to her kennel and vomited! All these things she has never done ever since we got her! Please help!
I’m gonna ask my parents to schedule and appointment with the vet today.

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2 Responses to “My dog isn't acting the way she used to?”

  1. Mark Chauvin says:

    She might be constipated or have some other GI tract problem. Is your dog old? It can be common in older dogs for their digestive tract to go all a muck. The vet might prescribe her gastrafate which is a high potency sucralfate made especially for these problems. Another option is to try canine gastralox which is the over the counter version of gastrafate. It’s safe to give your dog gastralox even as a preventative step, i’ve seen many people give this product to their dogs with great results. Now I mention it whenever I can. I also think they give out free samples on their facebook page.

  2. Holly says:

    Don’t worry she probably is ill id take her to a vet and see if they know what is wrong. She might just be really tired and bored make sure you give her lots of attention. Hope that helped xxx =)