My dog keeps on freaking out whenever he sees a cat that are outside?

My house has a lot of windows and my dog is constantly watching outside, and whenever he sees a cat outside (BTW my neighborhood is filled with cats, so there’s always one walking outside) he starts running around like crazy for like five minutes and he eventually stops but what can I do so he doesn’t freak out?
Do I shut all the curtains on the house?
Put him in his cage whenever he starts freaking out?
Anyone who knows the answer will be greatly appreciated!


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4 Responses to “My dog keeps on freaking out whenever he sees a cat that are outside?”

  1. SASS says:

    From my experience with puppy training classes, when your dog starts freaking out over a cat, you can do two things.
    1. Put him in his kennel until he calms down, but be persistent.
    2. draw his attention away from the cat by distracting him.
    good luck. watch dog whisper. He might have some good tips.

  2. Cubs Fan 55 says:

    They do that because dogs hate cats. Duh

  3. Emmy says:

    Just let him run around he will get tired of it someday

  4. SEG705 says:

    my cat freaks out whenever he sees a bird flying around outide….and he even tried to break the window to catch the bird…..

    no, don’t close the window or put him in the cage, because thats what he likes to do…..if you mess it up he might not be happy….plus i think its a little funny to see animals freaking out….