MY dog needs your help!?

I own a 8 month dioxin along with some other dogs.My one dioxin had been sick for about three days today being the forth.
I thought his attitude will be back to normal in a few days but it hasn’t.He hasn’t been eating and he is getting super thin and weak.He isn’t drinking or eating(which he usually is a BIG eater, eating anything on the floor)So yesterday i went to school and left some bacon bits and kibbles in his bowl rite next to his kennel.He started to sniff the food but as he sniff it,it seemed it made him want to throw up.He then got his blanket and covered the bowel with his blanket.(smart dog)Then later he threw up alot of white stuff.Mucus?
He has bad diarrhea i mean his poop smells so bad!!
I cant take him to the vet till next week.My mom has my car and is out of town.She isn’t gonna be back till friday of next week(Business trip)
And walking to the vet is too too far and the bus doesn’t allow dogs!
….i dont have that much cash to go enyway till my mom gets back.

He isnt normally like this!
THis happened out of the blue.He ate some chicken but threw it up last night!What can i do till friday of next week?
And what is happening to my poor dog!
Thank you for all your help!!
Iam taking my dog to the vet right now!My moms friend is on her way!
Thanks again!

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8 Responses to “MY dog needs your help!?”

  1. wishnuwelltoo says:

    Call the vets in your area. There are General vets and Ag vets, but in the phone book they are all listed the same. An Ag vet will come to your house, or a vet tech will, they are staffed for that. Sometimes they will even come out to your house for peanut butter cookies. At least call the vets and see what they tell you to do for this puppy. I agree that this puppy will probably be dead by friday. Ask a neighbor or co worker to help you. No excuses, dogs come first. Here is a list of organizations who will help with veterinary bills:

    Veterinary Financial Assistance

    American Animal Hospital Association

    Angels 4 Animals

    Care Credit

    Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance

    God’s Creatures Ministry



    The Pet Fund

    United Animal Nations

    Handicapped Pets

  2. Mickey.Slick says:

    its bad enough he’s not eating, but not drinking too is a really bad sign. they can get dehydrated very quickly and it can kill them. there is no way he can go for another week. you need to find a way to get him to the vet. a friend, a cab, even call your vet and see if they can get someone to your house (a lot of them can do that, especially if they treat large animals too)

  3. Dobermangang says:

    call the vet and explain al his symptoms and if the vet wants to see him take him their is no exceptions as he might not make it to next friday or next week the vet will know what to do

  4. mrluckyluciano says:

    get you pup to a doctor right away!

  5. Ashley says:

    If at all possible, I would see if you can talk a friend into taking you to the vet. Speak to the vet about your financial situation and see if they can wait for payment (most vets will). Sounds like it is serious so I wouldn’t waste any time… Hope your little guy is ok!

  6. Andie says:

    If he has been sick for 4 days, is not eating, is getting thin and has diarrhea, he needs to go to a vet NOW!!!!! If you were sick for that long, wouldn’t you call the doctor. Call someone to drive you now! Your mom can wire you some money or she can give the vet the credit card number over the phone.

    If you leave your dog like this for a week, he very may well die.

    And it is daschund. Dioxin is a hazardous chemical.

  7. TN2Vegas says:

    Your dog may not make it until NEXT Friday. You need to call a friend, neighbor, taxi or somebody. And how are we going to help? Do you want us to come and pick you up? If you live in Las Vegas I would be happy too.

    added: Oh that is great!! Hope he is ok. Good luck!

  8. Launi says:

    Your Dachshund is extremely ill. At this point I am going to GUESS panreatitis. This is a death sentence if not vetted right away. Four days is 2 days too long.

    Call a friend to come get you. Call the vet and tell them you are on your way to work you in.

    If you do not get this dog to a vet NOW he will die soon.