My Dog Poops & Pees in His Cage?

I Have a Lab/Pitbull Mix. When i first got him he was about 9 Months. He is a Year Now. He use to be fine in his cage, never pooped or pee’d in it. Recently he started Pooping and Peeing in it! He already ruined the Tray to the cage so now its becomming a real hassle. I know he hates to be in the cage but hes been going crazy lately. we use to keep him in the laundry room and he’d be fine. THEN he started pooping and peeing in the laundry room. I Know he’s still young and hes lonely, he wants to be around the family more often but i will not allow it with him crapping everywhere! I Dont know how to break this.

I Even tried putting his bed in his cage with him so that he can understand that the cage is where he sleeps! BUT NO, He pooped in his freakin bed! Whats wrong with my dog? My Next step is to get him a Stake Out.
AND TODAY when i went to get him out of his cage i noticed that his poop was smashed up. i thought he had stepped in it but then i noticed that he actually SAT IN IT! This is not normal for dogs right? Please help me
I Go to school. This schedual was fine for him.

6.15 am

Then id get back from school at

2.40pm and take him out imediatly

then 7 o clock. HE Would run on that schedual but now everything is changing with him and i dont know why. I Take him out jogging now for his hyperactive behavior.
if i put anythin gin his cage he’ll rip it up & eat it, just like he did with the tray.

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4 Responses to “My Dog Poops & Pees in His Cage?”

  1. Natalie ♥ says:

    my dog did that to what i did was i bought so puppy training pads u can get them at pet stores what you do is put it in one spot every day so the dog knows that there is the spot to go when he is inside and if he poops out of spot pick up the poop and put it and the pad then make the the dogs smell it so that he knows there is the spot and no where else

  2. Doodlebug says:

    Well it depends on how long he is in his Kennal……… if he is in it over 2 or 3 hours you need to take him out to go to the potty……..

  3. Mee! xD says:

    take him out every so often so he can go outside and let him be with you more in the house and this will probably stop..

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  4. FullThrottle says:

    I found a site that explains how to crate train your dog. It might help a little. I don’t know why your dog is associating the crate with relieving himself, but Im sure this can be changed.

    Here is another site to help with house training your dog.

    I think your dog might be being left in the crate too long and that’s why he is relieving himself in the crate. Usually, dogs will give signs or warnings to tell the humans they have to go. But, if the owners are gone all day and can’t let them out, the dog is left to relieve themselves in the crate. Do you have a fenced in backyard? If so, I suggest keeping your dog in the backyard instead of crated up all day. I think the reason your dog destroyed the tray and toys is because he is bored. Try training your dog to do different tricks and do stuff to help him stay active and not bored.