My dog woke up this morning and i got her out of her cage and theres a huge piece of hair missing and its raw?

looking piece of skin missing with dark pieces of something around it , I dont have money to take her to the vet yet and shes just 9 weeks could something be wrong with her ???Help im worried !If i took her to the vet would they treat her if i told them i didnt have the money ???
To all those people that think I dont have money to take care of , we did not get this dog from a breeder we had to take her or her owner was going to shoot her because his son brought home this little puppy without permission and didnt want to go through the hassle of getting rid of it . If i had the money I would take it to the vet and we are currently looking for a home for her , we already have one dog , this is a rescue dog just so everyone knows …Golly mind your own buisness anyways ….

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7 Responses to “My dog woke up this morning and i got her out of her cage and theres a huge piece of hair missing and its raw?”

  1. Dog Showman says:

    This could be a hot spot. This is common in dogs with a long coat. The home remedy is Listerine (the yucky stuff) applied twice a day. This should start to work in a couple of days. If the spot gets larger a Vet trip is needed.

  2. southwalessunshine says:

    Are you in the Uk? If so find out where your nearest PDSA is. They will treat your dog for a donation if you claim benefits. Give them a call and see if they can help you.

  3. dem000 says:

    Sometimes instead of paying the vet, you can work for that place instead. (Like community service).
    Tell them nicely (the vet) that you need help, but you don’t have enouph money. They might help you.
    Good luck!

  4. bear2zealand says:

    I really suggest that you find a vet now. Apply for care credit to pay for it. Otherwise, you need to take this dog back to the breeder that you got it from. If you can’t vet em Don’t get em!!

  5. Semolina says:

    She could have been bitten by something, a rat or god knows what.

    I don’t know any vet who would work for nothing. Their practice, their equipment, their staff, their rent ….. all that costs something.

    But if you inform them she is not really your dog, you are just looking after her till you find a good home for her, and that you rescued her from death row, they might be generous.

    Good luck.


  6. ThirdGuy says:

    It sounds like the dog got bitten by something or it got hurt.
    Could also be an infection or virus.The best thing would be to take her to the vet.I don’t know if they will charge you or not.
    Get the dog to the vet.It could die

  7. hitechdogs says:

    If you are in the US you might try calling your local SPCA or Rescue group most have vet services at a reduced cost sometimes free (for caregivers). Is she licking ,chewing at the area?? It could just be a hot spot or reaction to flea’s. You might try bathing her in a mild shampoo (something citrus or oatmeal based) or rubbing plain aloe on the spot. If spot gets bigger or you notice swelling or signs of infection seek medical help immediately. Good luck !!