My friend wants to know how to train her dog not to attack birds?

My friend has a dog named Loraina and 2 birds one is Frisky and the other is Fiesty. Frisky knows how to open the cage door and when she got back from school Frisky was missing but Fiesty was still there and she asked her dog Loraina where Frisky was, Loraina’s mouth was full of feathers. She screamed!!! How does she stop her dog from doing this before she eats the other bird?!?!

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7 Responses to “My friend wants to know how to train her dog not to attack birds?”

  1. Joanne says:

    get a humane training coller that sprays water or gives a high piched sound and get her parients to whatch for when the dog goes near the bird cage or bird and get them to set off the coller.
    or squirt the dog with water or put some stones in a botle and shake it once as hard as they can and say no. if they dont want to get the coller.
    this way the dog assiciats going near the bird with something it diesnt like.

  2. Sky says:

    Keep the birds away from the dog until she can get a professional trainer to help her with this issue.

  3. mickey says:

    put the dog and the birds in the same room(have the birds in a cage) and keep them in there all day after a while the dog will get bored of chsing them and will stop

  4. fluffypieceoffluff says:

    feed him loads of birds till he gets sick of bird flavour tada

  5. Yahooo! says:

    Get a Whistle that makes sounds that dog hates, and everytime he attacks the birds, blow the silent whistle.

  6. Erin L says:

    Take the doggy to doggy school for lessons.

  7. Renee527 says:

    Dogs see birds as prey, so this is really difficult to break them of. The best suggestion I can offer is to put a bell on your dog’s collar just like you would a cat. That way the birds can hear the dog coming……..