my husky really screwed himself up…?

i had to go on a 7 day vacation, and i put my 1 yr old husky pup into the kennel (a very nice one) but when left alone at night, full of frustration and anxiety, he must have gone nutz and bite at the cage and tried to yank it inward and such…the resulting problem is that he sanded the back of his two top fangs right done to the dentin level…which is the part of the teeth that is below the enamel…

i am very sad about this, and the vet, is trying to say that he was a perfect character at all times, but i know how crazy he gets when left alone in a crate for so long…can this be repaired? at leat the kennel which is also a vet clinic will see him tomorrow for free, but i am not sure if they will assume responsibility for anything beyond that…

might i add that i love both my dogs a lot, they are like my spoiled children…the husky must be crated from time to time, cause he is rather destructive if just left to roam the house with no one to watch him.

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4 Responses to “my husky really screwed himself up…?”

  1. Phil W says:

    Sounds as if he has separation anxiety. We have one that we rescued a year ago (see picture) that is like that too, although she has calmed down a lot. Since we got her eye surgery she is not destructive though she still whines and carries on. We did try drugs and pheromone treatments but they didn’t work for us.

    The damage that you describe shouldn’t cause any problem for him. We have 2 that have VERY damaged teeth (broke half way off) which do not seem to bother them at all. They were that way when we rescued them a couple of years ago.

    You were lucky in a way that it happened where it did. Be careful with the crate in the house though. I had a very close call with one years ago. It was one of those with the metal mesh doors. One night one of my girls (had 2 at the time) managed to get her teeth into the mesh and worked it back and forth until split it crossways about 3/4 of the way across. She crawled through the hole until she got trapped at her hind legs. The mesh had broken off right below a horozonal wire leaving numerous 3/4 inch pieces of wire sticking up. They stabbed her in her belly. When I found her the next morning she was so exhausted that I thought she was dead at first. I finally freed her with bolt cutters and got her to the vet. It took numerous stiches to close all the wounds. She was fortunate in that she had no internal injuries but it took a week for her to regain her strength. Needless to say I don’t use crates with doors anymore.

    Good luck.

  2. c C ♥ ♥ says:

    poor puppy! i’m sure he will be fine…but his destructive behavior does need to be taken care of, you should start training him. it will definitely benefit you and your pup.

  3. wwwwwasds says:

    you left the dog alone in a little kennel for 7 days?

  4. tina in fla says:

    It seems weird that after the first day the kennel didn’t notice something was up……I can only imagine how painful this is, for your dog. They might need to pull those teeth – he’ll be fine if they do.