My neighbor keeps his dog locked up outside in a cage 24/7.?

this dog will bark and whelp for attention hours at a time. I see the owner once a day visit the dogs and all he does is scream and yell at the dogs never takes them out of the cage. They are big dogs also. I am not saying he uses them for fighting but the way he treats them and keeps them is like how some fighting dogs ive seen has been kept.
Its my personal opinion but i do not like the way these dogs are treated or kept can i do anything to help them?
No he has no dog house or shelter just a cage

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9 Responses to “My neighbor keeps his dog locked up outside in a cage 24/7.?”

  1. PeaceonEarth says:

    Our laws say as long as there is food, water and shelter they can’t do anything about abuse.

    I see this so often. The worst is when they are chained with no shelter. Poor dogs!!!!

    This is clearly abuse in my eyes in so many ways.

    I would call your local shelter and animal rescue group.
    This is so sad. Peace

  2. happy2luvk9s says:

    I am sure that where you live has animal control and this is exactly one of the reasons that they have jobs. What your neighbor is doing is illegal!

    Pick up the phone and call, you can do it without having to give your name, I’m sure that you’re not the only neighbor that’s noticed that they’re abusing/neglecting their dog.

    if animal control is closed call the police, they will respond to this kind of a call.

  3. Andi says:

    Steal them. Seriously save them from the hell life their owner gives them. Its not so much stealing its a rescue.

  4. Rachel says:

    you need to call the SPCA ASAP! if he uses those dogs for fighting, they could die any day, or become critically injured.

  5. twifan says:

    That’s really horrible. If you don’t want to report to the police, just make a quick call to the animal control division. We had the same thing in my neighborhood, and the guy got arrested. I suggest either of the possibilities.

  6. catherine says:

    Does he provide them with shelter, as in a roof/house to keep him safe from the elements? If not, you can call animal control.

    You can always call animal control anonymously and tell them you feel that the animals are being mistreated.

  7. Carol says:

    Call your local SPCA or Humane society. They will investigate & do what is necessary. A neighbor of ours had a Samoyed that was tied out in all weather with no shelter, food or water. The dog was removed from the owner.

  8. Mishal says:

    By law in most states, outdoor dogs are required to have shelter (a dog house) and water accessible to them at ALL times. I would anonymously report them to your local shelter.

  9. Commercials are Brainwashing says:

    Yes you need to contact animal control and they will come check the situation out. This seems like animal neglect to me. Please call the animal cops ASAP you can even leave a tip anonymously. Hopefully they will get this poor creatures out of this horrid living arrangement. Though they may give the owner an opportunity to change his ways.