My puppy will NOT pee outside….would rather poop inside too lol.?

I got a puppy who is 2.5 months a few days ago and she is a wonderful addition to my home but it’s been over nine years since I had to housebreak a puppy and I am rusty! Today I decided to try crate training her with her kennel. It is actually a cat kennel but she is only 3 pounds right now so it is not too big or small. I put a blanket in there and took her outside today every hour. When I take her outside I do walk around with her for 10-15 minutes and she just follows me until I stop and then she sits. She finally did poop outside today but I feel like I"m depriving her of playtime as I know she’ll just go inside. When I took her out last time I realized she had peed sometime today in her crate 🙁 I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong….I didn’t think she would go in there!
I have puppy training pads inside when she is running around and she seems to use them randomly :S
We do play outside as well…

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6 Responses to “My puppy will NOT pee outside….would rather poop inside too lol.?”

  1. wpgeezer says:

    Reward her when she goes outside. Often they need to go just after eating, (filling the stomach, puts pressure on the bowels, especially if they have been holding it in.) Take her for a walk after every feeding. Don’t let her "graze" feed her at set times during the day, the digestion cycle is predictable. Do dot punish her after the fact other than to point to it and say bad dog, it will be hard for her to associate the punishment with something she did hours ago. Catch her in the act, then rub her nose in it and put her outside. After getting caught a few times, she wont go in front of you, (she’ll sneak off and do it, or wait till you aren’t looking) Put a bell around her neck, so that you can tell when she moves around. Check up on her often, Only use the cage when you are gone and cant watch her, she won’t associate the cage with what you want her to do. If she doesnt go when you take her for a walk, put her in her cage till she does, then take the cage outside and let her out. Try to think like she does, what can you do to communicate what you want her to do. Punishment and reward only work if they know what they are being punished/rewarded for.

  2. Sassy Shih Tzu says:

    Because you are trying train her to use the pads and to go to the potty outside she could be very confused as to where she needs to go.

    If she is a toy breed I would stick with the pads for now.

    Make the dog aware that she has a potty pad and put her on it every once in a while so that she knows where it is. Put her on the pad after naps, meals, and play time. Give her lots of praise if she goes on the pad. Watch for signs. You can tell when a dog will relieve themselves usually when the start sniffing and circling. Watch for that and if you think she is going to relieve herself, immediately put her on the pad.

    If you are kennel training her, at night time, you will need to wake up every couple hours to take her out to use the potty. It’s kind of like having a baby at first. If she doesn’t use the potty when you wake up, put her back in and try again in a couple more hours.

    Good luck.

  3. joeysbaby0702 says:

    You should try puppy training pads! They are wonderful!!!! Put the pad inside your home. There is something in them that makes the puppy want to use them. When he/she gets used to using the pads start moving them closer and closer to the door every day untill the pad is out side!! Then he/she will know that they go outside!! They totally worked for me!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!

  4. runnercaiti1 says:

    Maybe you are taking her out to pee a bit much. Do you ever just let her play in the yard for awhile at a time? My dog will whine when she needs to get out of her crate to pee. Listen to the signs.

    Don’t threaten the dog like the first person said. This will only make her scared of you and rubbing their nose in it does not do any good either. They need POSITIVE reinforcement.

  5. Janet M says:

    Get a spray water bottle and spray it when you see it "doing it’s buisness" or in a stern voice say no and leave it outside for a "time-out" or roll up some newspaper and make a loud bang noise to frighten her a bit. Hope i helped. Good luck!!

  6. Barb says:

    Well, you’ve gotten lots of good advice and some not so good advice…sometimes in the same response.


    – Definitely yes to crate training and no to puppy pads. It only confuses them.
    – Crate training requires discipline for you as much for the dog. Putting her in only 1 hour at a time does not teach her to hold it for long periods. Try longer periods so that when you do let her out she really does need to pee/poo.
    – Then let her outside but for no more than 5 minutes or so. If she pees (normally first) wait a few more minutes for poo. If nothing, then back inside. No play until the business is done. Some dogs will draw this out because it allows them to stay out longer. After 5 minutes, then back inside. 10 minutes later (keep your eye on her in the meantime), then back outside. If nothing after 5 minutes, then back in. One more try and then into the crate for at least 1 hour or longer. Then start the the cycle again.
    – Don’t forget verbal cues: Be quick, Go Potty, whatever. The idea is to teach them to go as soon as they go outside and when you say so. Once they have succeeded, then play time. Let them stay out as long as you are able to supervise.

    I know this sounds very attention-intensive, but it seems to be working for me.

    My pup goes pee immediately upon going outside (at least 4 or 5 times per day). I’m learning his "poo" schedule. Once first thing, perhaps a 2nd about 1/2 hour later (even before he has been fed), perhaps a 3rd after breakfast. Then nothing again until after supper) Something you should consider tracking as well. I didn spend endless minutes waiting impatiently for something to happen that never would.

    And of course, don’t forget praise and reward when she goes.

    Good luck