New puppy troubles.. well, name-wise?

Okay, so I’ve noticed that this is a re-occuring problem with people now and days… nobody is original to name their own puppy anymore… Well, I guess I’m one too cause every name I’ve thought of my bf really doesn’t like.
I got a new puppy on Halloween, she’s absolutely adorable and loves to play with her little squeeky bone toy. She’s chow, pit and chihuahua mix.. she’s got the body of a chi, the tongue of the chow (pink with black spots) and she’s got the rough fur of the pit. She’s still pretty small but already about the size of a regular chi and she’s only 2 months old. Well, okay so she was born on August 13th…
On her face, she has the markings of like a min-pin, but where the black usually is there is a dark brown and the tan is pretty light… she has the typical big ears of the chi.. The rest of her body is like a dark brown or almost a black with some white or light tan "peppering" (if you get that at all) and her legs are the light tan like what’s on her face.

She is absolutely adorable, although she prolly sounds like a colorful mutant lol.. She’s usually really chill but she doesn’t really like people yet, she wasn’t socialized before we got her. She sleeps with us, and LOVES to give lots of kisses on your face. She pretty much will eat anything you give to her and as much of is at your willing to give away lol and she absolutely HATES being a lone. She was one of eight puppies and there was four adult dogs and six children in the home she was at before us…
Oh, and EVERYTHING she has is pink… even some of her treats are pink! lol her toys, colar, leash, bowl, kennel, bed.. EVERYTHING is in some way, shape or form pink lol
Kevin (the bf) calls her Princess, which she pretty much is in his eyes lol He pretty much wants an original name that isn’t a human name lol and I just want something that fits as much of her as possible…

Now then, here’s a list on names I’ve tried and family/friends have suggested:
Princess (I don’t really care for it)

Oh, and what I originallky wanted to name her was Maugi.. because everybody thinks she looks like a Gremlin and I thought Gizmo was a boys name. So since Gizmo always used to say Maugwyi (his real name) I thought Maugi for short would be cute… but it doesn’t really roll of the tongue very well and Kevin doesn’t really like it.

Plz help me!! I’ve resorted to looking up the top 20 puppy names, words in different languages and even seeing what celebs have named their kids (haha, like apple and shit… something you would usually name a pet) And then I thought Suri would be cute, but wasn’t really sure if I should go the celeb route lol

so PLZ if you have any ideas let me know cause I’ve had her for a while and I’m sick of calling her "Puppy" and "NoName" lol and she’s got to get groomed some time and I’m hoping to have a name by then lol

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11 Responses to “New puppy troubles.. well, name-wise?”

  1. Donna A says:

    How about:


  2. Grace says:

    What if you name her Angel ….
    I have a girl dog named Angel and a boy named Moe.

  3. manicrant says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but all those names that were suggested were predictable and bad. Maugwyi is cute. (BTW it was his race not name. The Gremlins were the mutated ‘offspring’ of Gizmo. Such as Stripe.) I think she sounds like one of my fave names can work here. Or atleast my naming style. Harmony, Joy. They sound like they will suit her. Or even Liberty,

    I just got a puppy myself and my BF hated my top two names as well. Constantine and Amadeus. We ended up naming him Sylar. It was either that or Hiro. My son wanted to name him Dookie. -_- I say be careful what you name her. I’m a firm believer that a name can affect a great deal. My BF actually suggested Gizmo for our pup. I killed that idea right off.

    I suggested those names because she sounds like a peaceful happy go lucky dog. The names I feel are attributes but expressive descriptive names as well. Either way….good luck with your puppy!

    Oh! PLEASE DON’T NAME HER PRINCESS, MISSY, MISTY, OR BABY! Those names have been like a hundred million times. They are stereotypical just like Spot, Fluffy, Smokey or Shadow. In fact there have been three dogs named Princess in our family, a Baby, two Roxy and we know another dog named Roxy.

  4. Becky says:

    That’s a unique mix. Looking at those breeds, Chi-Chi came to mind.

  5. Whoa Twinkle Toes says:

    Ariel or Abby
    Bindi or Bri
    Cally or Cora
    Della or Daisy
    Elsi or Emmy
    Fiona or Fallon
    Gia or Ginny
    Holly or Heidi
    Izzy or Ingrid
    Jazzy or Jaida
    Kaycee or Kelli
    Lucy or Lola
    Maggie or Margo
    Nala or Nashi
    Olivia or Opal
    Penny or Pippy
    Q? or ?
    Reece or Rinny
    Sasha or Sierra
    Tibby or Tawny
    Ursula or ?
    Venus or ?
    Wendy or Whit
    X? or ?
    Y? or ?
    Zoey or Zena

  6. Jcc says:

    How about Luna – it means moon. It’s pretty and unique.

  7. Boobug says:

    wat about mayb gucci? since she sounds really girly

  8. Alexann says:

    I like the name Gizmo. Try coming up with names based on her appearance and attitude.
    Pink Ghost
    Little Paris
    Tinkerbell/Peter Pan

  9. happyjar says:

    I have a Rough Collie and her name is Soda.

    At Obedience Class there is a cute little Jack Russell Terrier whose name is Gizmo…she is a female.

  10. *.: JaYzBaBiGuRl :.* says:

    i like lili i would probably spell it lillie

  11. luvmyfurbabies says:

    Actually I think Suri is a great puppy name. The names family and friends recommended are very common. (Suri is probably more popular now but i don’t know if it has hit the pets name list yet). Best of luck to you and your Gremlin! Don’t forget to socialize her now that you have her and know that she was under socialized. Enjoy.