Nicolas Cage arrested on domestic violence charges Trouble for Nicolas Cage began with a drunken night out in New Orleans. Cage is on location filming another of his crappy films. He and his wife argued over the location of their apartment rental. Cage allegedly grabbed his wife’s arm and attempted to pull her toward where he thought they were staying. That’s when witnesses acted. Onlookers saw this and called police. Cage dared police to arrest him and they did. Cage was bailed out the next day. The 000 bond was posted by Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman.

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25 Responses to “Nicolas Cage arrested on domestic violence charges”

  1. timoback3000 says:

    Pretty good. Cage got wasted and turned into Ghostrider

  2. eltimbo42 says:

    Is it just me, or does their Nicholas Cage look more like Simon Pegg?

    Ooooh, picture a Ghost Rider movie with Simon Pegg! I’d see that!

  3. Samael16661 says:


  4. YGGD4eva says:


  5. CrocoDuck420 says:

    An American helping out a fellow American Bro, I love my country.

  6. thundertower says:


  7. SaulMeyersz says:

    this is better than any nicolas cage film

  8. cjewelz says:

    @CZroe Yeah, his wife is a korean dog/prostitute.

  9. Ladygagsalot says:

    Nee koh las Kaj eh lol XD

  10. CZroe says:

    Are Cage and Dog friends or something? Further information requested/expected.

  11. cjewelz says:

    That doesn’t look anything like Cage.

    Oh, and when you have a korean prostitute for a wife it’s likely she’s going to need a beating from time to time. She’ll probably drop the charges so she can keep her status as Mrs. Cage.

  12. variousiroiro says:

    “cage is on location filming another of his crappy films” lol..

  13. thegameulost says:



  14. Ladygagsalot says:

    I like Nicolas Cage, actually. He’s just had a string of bad movies recently.

  15. jen8933 says:

    on location to make another one of his crappy movies.

    i used to wonder why such a no talent guy got cast in so many movies. then i found out he was francis ford coppola’s nephew. explained it all.

  16. Llucius1 says:

    is so funny , becomes ghost rider !

  17. W3551D3 says:

    America needs news like this.

  18. jsee12953 says:

    @JBSauce ……this cake? You’ll have to come and get it then, teehee!

  19. JBSauce says:

    @jsee12953 I WANT THAT CAKE!

  20. jsee12953 says:

    His wife probably just ate the last piece of cake, and everyone knows you don’t fuck with nick cage’s cake……

  21. apupu says:

    Ghost Rider takes a cab…

  22. Clay3613 says:

    His films aren’t crappy, they are GENIUS!!!

  23. blurp16 says:

    Nicolas Cage just got caged XD ….

  24. JackFlanders says:

    Nicolas Cage says to the cop, “I spits fire!” LOL
    Years ago a colleague of mine saw him drunk and stumbling out of a taxi in Tokyo.

  25. FreedomValentine says:

    @Dongulator what snap? they’re telling the truth!