No Outlet: Chapter 3: Lazy Boy No Outlet Chapter 3 “Lazy Boy” In which Tom satisfies some basic human needs and has a discussion about the state of contemporary cinema with his neighbor Charles. NoOutlet takes a raw and unromantic look into the everyday lives of young people in the Midwest. In a series of unflinching vignettes, the awkward reckless spirit of youth is vicariously played out between two friends who display a cat and mouse relationship to each other. Their enigmatic, seeming to be father figure neighbor attempts to get them out of their apartment to live life and meet people. Unable to escape the cold reality of existence, these lame attempts to connect with the outside world serve as a catalyst for discovery, as one of them finds out that there is more to relationships than just mutual abuse. A Movie by: Tyler Alfrey + Jon Allen Music by: Aaron Martin Cast: Jeff Brandsted, Brian Pfanzler, Adam McCall, and Amber McIntosh

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