how can i put a stray dog in a cage?

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    Is it too late to Cage or Crate Train my Dog?

    i have a pug that i have had for over 3 years. im in school all day and he is usually at the house with my grandmother. the problem is when other people come over, he barks non-stop, chases people out the house, barks at people outside, eats the mail and throws in all over the house. he would not do those things in front of me because he knows what would happen. i dont know what to do at this point. i cant take off school to sit with the dog. i was wondering if i shouls start leaving in in the cage during the day or at night to sleep. he usually sleeps with me in my bed.
    any suggestions would be great
    i got the dog when he was 1 and have had him for 3 years. he just seems to be getting worse. i love the dog and would never get rid of him, im just tired of saying he did this or that when i know he knows its wrong. he does nothin wrong in my prescence. i need him to listen and respect the things i have taught him when i am not home. that is why im considering the cage solution
    yes i walk the dog daily. i live outside of Boston and its freezing now and therefore we are outside less

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      What to do about my Whiney Great Dane Dog?

      Hi… I’m just wondering what i can do to calm down my 11 month old dane when she is all whiney when I am getting ready for taking her for a walk or getting ready to go out somewhere else. She whines really loud and won’t stop. Like shes anxious and wants to go really bad. But part of this probably is bad cause i’m always going in and out of my room… and that mustn’t help! And she is usually in my bedroom out loose or in her kennel at the time. Anyways… What can i do about this to help her calm down?

      Oh and another situation… Shes still messes in her crate… But she will whine and whine for me to bring her out… Should i be letting her out? or just leave her be? But i don’t really want her having the accidents in her kennel. So whats the better solution? Try n get her outside n time or let her be to whine? (but i don’t want her disrupting anyone either) And she does tend to whine n whine until let out… Oh and being a dane her poop isnt always that normal/hard… So i’d rather not that on her bed/blankets!
      WTF – I walk her everyday for a good hour or more!
      Oh and she has the biggest crate available! (Colossal)
      Oh and shes on a great quality kibble Taste of the wild – I would say her poop is only soft once n a while.

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        My dog woke up this morning and i got her out of her cage and theres a huge piece of hair missing and its raw?

        looking piece of skin missing with dark pieces of something around it , I dont have money to take her to the vet yet and shes just 9 weeks could something be wrong with her ???Help im worried !If i took her to the vet would they treat her if i told them i didnt have the money ???
        To all those people that think I dont have money to take care of , we did not get this dog from a breeder we had to take her or her owner was going to shoot her because his son brought home this little puppy without permission and didnt want to go through the hassle of getting rid of it . If i had the money I would take it to the vet and we are currently looking for a home for her , we already have one dog , this is a rescue dog just so everyone knows …Golly mind your own buisness anyways ….

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        My dog keeps on freaking out whenever he sees a cat that are outside?

        My house has a lot of windows and my dog is constantly watching outside, and whenever he sees a cat outside (BTW my neighborhood is filled with cats, so there’s always one walking outside) he starts running around like crazy for like five minutes and he eventually stops but what can I do so he doesn’t freak out?
        Do I shut all the curtains on the house?
        Put him in his cage whenever he starts freaking out?
        Anyone who knows the answer will be greatly appreciated!


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