Pee Pads to Crate Training, is it a possible transition?

I got my puppy just 3 days ago and I wrote earlier about how she had fleas. I took her to the vet and took care of that issue (combed her continuously, 2 baths, no fleas and got her some frontline just to be sure and I haven’t seen a flea on her in the past 48 hours. Over this time I’ve kept her in my bathroom (isn’t very big) because I don’t want her bringing fleas to my apartment (bathroom doesn’t have carpet).

Over these past two days I have kept her with a training pad and take her out as often as I can. Usually 3 30-60min walks and she never goes pee! She pooped on our walk last night at around 8pm and I rewarded her with 2 treats and petted her real well and let her know how happy I was. I took her out again around 10pm and she didn’t go pee and once again at 11pm and still no peeing. I brought her back to the bathroom, left to get some more water for her, came back (about 60 seconds later) and she had peed on the pee pad after walking with me for 45 minutes! I cleaned it up and put a fresh pad in there just in case she had to go over night.

I woke up at 8am and she hadn’t gone to the bathroom so I took her outside for an hour walk with treats in hand ready to give them to her because I knew she had to go. After an hour she didn’t go and I had to goto work so I brought her back to the bathroom and was going to put her in the crate I bought her last night and as I was taking the paperwork out of it she peed on the pad again.

So I want to get rid of these pee pads, I don’t want to convince her it is okay to pee in the house. I just needed them for the 2 days of
"qurantine" and I will be letting her out today when I get home from work. However, is it too late? Does she feel that it is okay already to go in the house even if I remove the pee pads from the equation? Can I still crate train her?

Thank you.

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    3 Responses to “Pee Pads to Crate Training, is it a possible transition?”

    1. Hailey S says:

      Yes its possible start feeding your dog in its crate the after that put it there at night. make him happy in his crate. thats how i trained mine!

    2. Bozema says:

      You can still crate train her but I agree – dump the pee pads now if you can. It does confuse the dog. The longer you wait, the longer and harder housebreaking will be.

    3. REBECCA G says:

      Crate training is the way to go! a dog will not soil his bed, or if he does he will learn very quickly not to. i have 3 Staffordshire bull terriers (notorious for their stubbornness when house breaking) and i used the crate with each of them with great success.
      not only does it teach them to ‘hold it’, but it als helps stop the dog from developing separation anxieties and also prevents him from destructive behaviours like chewing.
      it is a very easy thing to do, ditch the pee pads and just introduce the crate as a positive thing, place her bed in it with a favourite toy, give her treats in there, feed her in there also. all of these things will make her feel safe in there and like it is her space. then go out and leave her in there. when you return, try not to over fuss as she will learn that you coming back is an incredible thing and she will obsess over it, creating separation anxiety. take her straight outside and fuss over her when she goes. it does take patience but it she will learn quickly.