PERFECT SETUP FOR NEW PUPPY My sister got a new puppy! The puppy is half papillon and half chihuahua. She is so cute! The secret to success in training a puppy to the crate and puppy pad is to set it up as soon as you bring her home. I had a puppy fence that I loaned to my sister and she put the dog crate inside the fence. The puppy pad is in the back corner of the fence to keep it out of the way. The puppy pad is scented to encourage the puppy to wet on it. The puppy started using the pad right away. Her food and water bowls are set up inside the fence. She has squeeky toys for play and raw hide sticks for chewing. My sister takes her out to play several times each day. Then when the puppy is unsupervised, she goes inside her fence. Since she was introduced to it right away, she is very calm and accepting of the situation. If you wait too long to introduce a puppy to a crate or puppy pad, it will be more of an uphill battle to get them to accept it.

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