Pet to work or leave at home?

My dog gets crated at home all day. I do not live in a place where it gets hot EVER, and even on slightly warm days I wouldn’t try this. But today, my dog had a vet appointment so I had to take him with me. So I brought the crate, some water, some food and bed, etc with me. It’s like 40 degrees outside, so overheating was not a factor. All day I took multiple breaks to take him out and play with him, make sure he got some potty time, did a little command training (sit, stay, etc)played in the snow a bit. We both have really enjoied today so far, and it seems like he is loving the fact that he’s getting attention during the day.

So I thought- maybe a few days a week, we can do this if the weather permits and all is well. But then I looked online and saw that some people don’t even leave their dogs in the car for more than 20 mins, that it is animal abuse, etc and I started to feel bad. But then I was thinking that maybe our circumstances were a bit different so I thought I’d ask.
Crate him at home, or crate him in the car on weather acceptable days, maybe a couple to a few days a week?

What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to “Pet to work or leave at home?”

  1. Bella Capulet says:

    You don’t have to crate him at home! I bet he would love to run around the house! Would your boss let the dog be crated in the office? If so, I think he really wants attention from you. You could leave him in the car if the weather is good, as long as you take him out every 20-30 mins. My mom brings two of our four dogs to her office and they are fine, as long as they don’t cause commotion, and my dad takes the other two. Ask if you could do that. It would definitely make work more enjoyable! Best of luck, hope this helped!

  2. munchkin says:

    one summer i was having working done at my home and i brought my dog in the car daily to work … it was fine … she had water and food in the car, it was like a doggie studio apartment :O) she loved it as i did come out during the day to let her out … and don’t believe everything you read on the internet, dog clothes are considered abuse on some sites … it is not cruel to leave the dog in the car at all … and a variety in his schedule would be great for him …