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I got a puppy about a month ago, I’ve been trying to train her by crate training which was reccomended by a VET because dogs supposedly will not soil on themselves, My pup has disproved that theory. I watch her water and only give it to her during feeding time, in which she gets 15 minutes to eat and drink. But after a month of cleaning my entire carpet, bed, couch, ect. Im starting to wonder about alternitives? HELP. Serious answers only please.

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    1. Larry D says:

      All dogs are different. But when I trained mine it took me about 2 months for her too learn. She was a inside dog and got her before she could even see. So after a while i let her go to the bathroom inside but everytime she did I put her nose in it and spake her, and say bad girl. Then took her outside and put her in the grass and say good girl. After a while she started to let me know when she had to go to the bathroom by sitting at the door and wagging her tail. She also knows how to shake, sit, laydown, She knows what Do you want to go outide? Do you want to go for a car ride? and she knows what kitty kitty is. Hope that helps ya. good luck.

    2. buffster06 says:

      I never have crate trained a dog nor do I approve of it-the best method I have found is to contain the dog to a porch or room (maybe the bathroom )with a ton of newspapers all over the floor when your not home or in bed and if he pees or poops on these papers then take it outside and when ever your home with the pup then take it outside where the papers are and put him on the them and tell her to go potty or when you carry it out say "outside" and then put him on the papers. Using the word outside every time you pick him up to take him out will be memorized in his head and he will catch on that he should go outside to potty. then when he is growing and hopefully your having success with this method whenever you say"outside" he will let you know he wants to go!If he doesn’t go on the papers in the room then lightly push his nose closer to the mess and tell him NO in a stern voice and carry him outside . Where he does go when you take him out try to put her in the same area so he will smell the action from before and he will use that area again,the more time you are at home with her in the first few weeks is essential to this method.

    3. motherbear says:

      Puppies take a little more work w/ poddy training. They don’t have full control of thier bowel or bladder till approx 1 year (give or take a few months.) at which time it should become easier. Hang in there. Crate training really is the best.
      Feed your puppy at regular times then pick the food up. (give her about 15-30 minutes to eat.)
      Take her outside right after she is done eating to "poddy". Take treats w. you and when she does poddy reward her and praise her. Before long she’ll get the idea.

    4. RaysinGyrl says:

      How old is the puppy? The reason I ask is because the amount of time you can leave the puppy in the crate is relative to it’s age. Don’t use puppy pads – they will only confuse your dog and teach it to piddle/poop in the house. Stick with teaching your dog to eliminate outside exclusively.

      Also, why are you cleaning your carpet, bed, couch, etc? If you are crate training the animal, it should be restricted to the crate (with the door closed) unless you can keep 100% focus on the dog. Housebreaking can take months – and perhaps if your dog is soiling his crate it’s because the crate is too large. There are a number of things that could be contributing to the lack of progress in your dog’s housebreaking routine.

      Here’s a site that can help you learn how to housebreak your dog — My adopted shelter dogs were trained within a month — and have only soiled their crates when they had an upset stomach.

    5. mandie m says:

      keep trying with the crate training, it will pay off in the long run. alos try puppy training pads, they can really save your carpet! and make sure that when puppy does potty outside that you make sure it is the most amazing thing in the whole world.
      so far it sounds like you are doing a good job watching when she eats and drinks.
      good luck

    6. Mikael says:

      im thinking if its a puuppy they sell atracction mats which atrract dogs and have them pee on waterproof mats, i would trie that till he gets a lttle older??

    7. mustanglynnie says:

      If you were crate training properly, you would NOT be cleaning the carpet, bed, couch, etc. You need to use the crate properly, and it WILL work!

      Like this:

    8. ESPERANZA says:

      If you are cleaning your entire bed, carpet etc. then you are not doing the crate training correctly. The pup should be in the crate when you are sleeping, when you are not home and when you are not available to watch her. If she is having accidents it is because you either have too large a crate or you are not watching her when she is outside the crate. Keep a closer eye on her. Crate training is very effective when done correctly.

    9. Kelly C says:

      Well first of all your vet forgot to mention the ever increasing amount of dogs that are the exception to the "they wont soil thier bed rule". When puppies are young thier mother cleans up after them and then they learn to go outside from their mother (in a natural situation) puppies that are kept in small enclosed areas when they are young and have no access to outside do not learn the inhibition to soiling thier environment… because they have no alternative. Pups that are kept in small rooms at pet stores or in a small room or cage of someones house learn that it is acceptable to soil where they eat, sleep and play…. pups that are kept in an areas with constant access to outdoors learn from their mother that they should go poo/pee outside away from where they play, eat and sleep. It sounds like your pup came from a place where she had no access to outside and therefore she doesnt know the difference.

      The best way to correct this behaviour is to provide constant access to outdoors after she eats… as soon as she eats take her out and stay out repeating "go for a pee, go for a poo" until she eliminates outside and then praise her and give her treats. She will learn what "go for a pee, go for a poo" means and learn what it is you want her to do and where you want her to do it. Repeat this process every few hours and if you catch her going in the house, pick her up in the middle of going on the floor(without scolding her) carry her outside say the magic words while she finishes her business and then praise her. Also go to the petstore and buy a big package of puppy pee pads, then when you leave or go to bed place pee pads by the door where you take her out to pee/poo, she should go on those automatically as they are treated with attractant. It is also a good idea for you to purchase a product such as Natural Chemistry Stain and Odor eliminator and use it on all the spots she has gone before to completely remove the smell because even if you cant smell it she can and it screams "go here again". If there are problem areas in your home where she continues to eliminate (her favorite spots) put pee pads over that spot at all times. Also to encourage her to use outside as a toilet, take her poop from inside and put it outside so she will smell it and learn that is where it is supposed to go. This method has always worked well for me in the past on many dogs both adults and puppies who have a hard time understanding the concept that outside is the toilet.
      PS no matter what dont put pee pads on your furniture try instead a protective plastic bed sheet to put on when you leave or go to bed etc. This is because pee pads basically say "if you absolutely have to go it is ok to do it here" and you dont want that associated with your furniture. Good luck I hope this helps you out!!