Please, how can I help this poor dog?

A while back (by a while I mean about two years ago) I asked a question about my neighbors dogs.

They kept these dogs outside 24/7. They usually kept them in a pen, but sometimes they were let into the yard. NEVER into the house though. Their water was dirty, their pen reeked of urine and feces. Their coats were matted and dull. I saw bloodstains on one of the dogs.

Then, one of thm passed away, at 15 years old.

I tried reporting them, but to no avail. Apparently, since they had a doghouse, food, and water, they couldn’t do anything.

Today, I went to see the surviving dog. Oh my gosh.

She was thin, very thin. I could see her bones. Her coat was dull and matted, and dirty. Her back legs looked wobbly and weak, she couldn’t stand right. She stumbled often. She also acted very confused, when I called her she looked around like she couldn’t hear me. Or see me either.. which brings me to the worst part.

Her eyes.

One of them is blue and shadowed. One looks, literally, like it is rotting. Mucas covers it, I couldn’t actually see her eye. Its awful, she obviously can’t see.

And on top of it all, her vet (who I have had *BAD* experiences with) tells her what a great job she’s doing.

So.. I am just appalled people can treat animals like this. This time around, I know something HAS to be done. I have taken some pictures and more will be taken.

I am wondering- who should I contact to report this? Should I try with animal control again or try Dogs Deserve Better? Or is there something else I can do?

ANY advice would be appreciated.

here are some pics of her.

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6 Responses to “Please, how can I help this poor dog?”

  1. Janie D. says:

    Please call the ASPCA! Someone needs to care about this poor dog — it sounds as though right now, you are the only one who does.

    Get someone else involved who can change her life for the better.


  2. V Floyd says:

    If the dog is THAT thin, obviously she isn’t getting food. It is also required that people get medical treatment for their dogs when they’re sick. This dog probably has some kind of eye infection that hasn’t been treated. Call the animal control, the Humane Society, or whatever other organizations are in your area. I would call them all and maybe something will get done for this poor animal who has been suffering for over 2 years.

  3. Had Had says:

    Omg that sounds terrible. I feel so bad for that poor puppy… SPCA will com depending on where u live. Idk the exzact fone # but if u go to I’m pretty sure they will hav it on there. Now sense the dog has shelter, food, and water…. I wudnt kno if they can take it. If not they will take the dog and bring it in and get it bak or try to anyway or thwy cud bring it 2 court depending on how badly its needed….. I fully trust SPCA with all me heart. It is a wonderful organization and u shud cwrtaily look in2 it.

  4. Abby says:

    Hey, I just want to say that none of your pictures work.

    Secondly, my suggestion is to call the SPCA and explain to them this situation. Show them the pictures of them and the enviorment they live in.

  5. Blah Blah Blah says:

    Call the ASPCA, but to be honest, I’m afraid of what will happen to the dog because if she is in really bad conditions than they might have to euthanize her, but still this is not right, and I hate animal abusers and that is animal abuse. I may be young but I am passionate about animals.

  6. Eva Hodder says:

    Dogs Deserve Better will send out an area rep and confront the owner, they’ll also bring authorities that will allow them to take the dog.

    Report her to the HS, and your local police department, any authorities that can be involved SHOULD be. Contact local news stations and let them know of the abuse– they love bleeding heart stories.