PLEASE read my puppy is VERY sick and I'm SO scared.?

I adopted a puppy from a women who saved him from a kennel. He looks to be full blooded German shepherd. He is probably 3 months old. She gave me some paper work from the kennel that I misplaced. I remember seeing that he did have a parvo shot. She said he did not have worms. Had been de-flead and recieved shots to prevent worms as well as had a checkup and xrays and was perfectly healthy EXCEPT he had, what she said was a "Respritory Infection". She gave me his medicine which now empty the meds are:

Liquid Doxacycline (vet wrote terrible on the bottle so I might misspell names) Directions were to give 1.3ml of it twice daily for 2 weeks for respiratory infection.

Second is Clavamox (amoxicillin) tablets. 21mg Dosage: One tablet orally twice daily for 2 weeks for repiratory infection.

Finally, "Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspention USP" it is a liquid. Directions: One drop in each nostril and each eye twice daily for 2 weeks.

His medicine is out. It was prescribed 4/15/11

Now, he DOES have worms. They are deffinately tape worms. His poo is normal to slightly runny. Most of his poo is nearly entirely COVERED in worms. Still moving worms.

He loves being loved but has little energy and usually chooses to hide under my bed.
Even when he comes out to be petted, he still tries to lay his head in your arms and even if you petting his butt, his eyes stay closed.

He DOES eat and he DOES drink but ONLY if I give him wet food.

He has frequent coughing spasms that seem to make him gag. He coughs up but usually swallows it down.

He had greenish discharge around the nose and somewhat watery eyes.

SOMETIMES he gets a little spunk and will chase my cat playfully but it doesn’t last long.

He’ll perk up a little if I offer some cheese or ham.

I am SO scared. I don’t really have the money to pay a Vet bill up front but would be willing to make payments if that possible.

I looked up Kennel Cough and it said that it is incureable and must run it’s course.

But still I am terrified I am going to lose this beautiful puppy.

Someone PLEASE help me.

Also, he lives indoors.

If you need to contact me better:

It is a Texas number.
He HAD been to the vet. Because that’s how he got prescribed the meds.

I’m thinking it IS kennel cough. In which case it is incurable. A vet prescribes meds like my dog had (Clavamox/ amoxycillin) it is a antibiotic. It will not CURE the sickness but it helps his immune system while he recoops.

What I’m basically asking is, if he has Kennel Cough. Because, if it IS kennel cough, and that is what the previous vet was treating him for, then all of this is very sad, but very normal. And he will get better.

I really need any outside help first before I go to the vet again. The first visit was very costly.

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6 Responses to “PLEASE read my puppy is VERY sick and I'm SO scared.?”

  1. Bentley says:

    The dog must go to the vet and be examined. We can only guess.
    If the dog does have kennel cough.. he must be treated by a vet.
    You made it clear there is more than 1 problem and only a professional can help your dog.

  2. Brittany says:

    I would take him to the vet; he may have parvo or it may just be a cold. The vet should be able to set up a payment plan with you. As for him being sick, many dogs who do have parvo usually have little to no appetite and don’t like to move.

    I’m sure its something curable; just take him to the vet as soon as you can.

  3. Jeff_Hardys_Girl says:

    Vet asap.

  4. Tee says:

    I would be concerned too. I really think he should see a vet asap.

    If he had had worm meds I don’t think he would be full of worms right now. The person you got him from may not be being honest with you.

    Texas has a high incident og heart worms which causes coughing.

    Any replies here are all guess work tho. Please have him be seen by a vet.

  5. Friedto Beyouhey says:

    Just bring him to the vet!!

  6. Merryblueeyes says:

    Kennel cough most certainly is NOT incurable. My dog got kennel cough from the vaccine and was treated for two weeks with antibiotics and was fine. Your dog may not get better without medication especially since he is weakened by worms. Worms almost always come from a dirty food bowl or dirty water.
    Call your vet, tell him what has happened and perhaps he can prescribe more medication without a visit although most are hesitant to do that. Ask if he can arrange a payment plan.
    This is something that must be considered when you adopt a pet. They need medical care from time to time. I don’t mean to be harsh, but your being scared is not going to help that poor dog. You need to take action about getting him proper care.