Rate my Rap Lyrics(1-10)?

They speak with Venom" Tongue infested with poisonous spectrum of young neglection"
They could care to careless, if you was died-left to die" connected to death" Leaving your neck"
beheaded, slicing your life ring, and striking like lighting, telling me, I should stop writing"
Pipe dreams on my sheet, while my mic’s testing" Spreading my right wing, I think for a second guessing…imagining"

He’s striving, climbing life, trying not to start to stop" rhyming about crises" But timing like this"
Hes not gliding, but flying his guidance" left alone to his abyss" A single Pen, with an hallow point"
Fighting to end this loneliness-stage. but Man- appoints and God Disappoints, So I have no say to it"
But today straight up Blew it, Like a clip joint" He payed the price, but on the flip side his common sense" obtained more soul food than whats stored in his fridge tonight"
He’s been told, your a fool for playing around with words" Poking fun at puns"
Your funny bone is even snapping at you, thinking your absurd" for even rapping with an unholy verse"
Thinking your cool for spitting, believing your splitting Earth into two universe" Dog, this cat got to be
kitten(kidding), cause he’s the worse" Can’t even pur, at a person talking trash" cause he’s garbage
bagged up with vomit, and that’s a first" Look at him, trying to burst back" but spacing off like a rocket" metal scraps, are coming off his dense mind, as mine is bound to happen" Shaq, just drop the mic, n take a knee, prey to Jesus Christ" His demon walks away, as Shaquille lay’s with chills" breaking the last column in his spine, and still he writes to the bottom line…the bottom line..

Just a little rap I made in a hour’s top, I’m trying to improve my story telling abilities, but here it is. Comment and rate THANK YOU!

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4 Responses to “Rate my Rap Lyrics(1-10)?”

  1. Kyle L says:

    why do you rap? is it because you think this is the only way to make money? "this cat got to be kitten" good line, my cat would like this, but i dont think humans would.

  2. Ryan says:

    the first line was really good(9), but after that it went downhill with either cheesy rhyming or they just didn’t make sense. "more soul food than whats stored in his fridge tonight"…really?

  3. Zack Sierzega says:


  4. Stan Theman says:

    just kill yourself now, do us all a favor.