What is the Best Puppy Pen

Hello, thanks for viewing my question.

My puppy is about 5 months old and we had her for maybe 2 months now. She is a Boxer and Border Collie mix but she is pretty small right now. Right now she is about just under 20 pounds and the vet doesn’t seem to think she’ll grow all that much more. My dog does have some big thigh muscles though and big shoulders but her body and head is pretty small. Really smart dog too.

The dog is pretty good with waiting to go outside to potty. She will go to the front door if she needs to go. She is a little sick though, so I’ve seen her once pee inside, I don’t think she went to the front door first either. Anyway, she is pretty good with everything. There are times when she goes to the bathroom but then we can’t keep a close eye on her. If we let her roam around then she might start biting something she shouldn’t or whatever else.

So, I feel bad putting her in the crate too much because then she can only really lay down or stand up. One other thing is that my sister sometimes brings over her West Highland Terrier puppy and I’m thinking they could be put in the pen together.(?)

I’m thinking of buying a puppy pen but they are really expensive for me right now. They’re actually a pretty good price if they serve their purpose, but still expensive for me.

I was thinking of getting the 6-panel but I’m not sure I’ll really need one that big. I think when she gets older the thing could be pointless. Maybe 4-panel would be enough.

I’m not sure which size would be best but it looks really good.

this one looks like it could be the best deal, but I’m not sure how well it stands up. Reviews seem good and from the last picture shown with the dog sitting in the middle it looks like a good amount of space. Best deal?

Would you recommend I spend the money on the crate? And I could keep it for resale or reuse with another puppy. Do most of you use these and if so which ones?

Which of the pens would you choose? Why?

Thank you all

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    1. Maria Rossi says:

      Puppy pens for daytime play can make your dog’s entire lifetime much more pleasant and easy … so should you build or buy yours? … more convenient and much safer to just buy one rather than trying to build your own!

    2. deanne says:

      Out of the three listed there I would go with the last one. They are very sturdy where the other two are more likely to fall if t he puppy stood against it. The wire ones would be very flimsy in my opinion. Just be sure to get one tall enough that your dog can’t jump out. The last one there seems very sturdy though, I used one when puppysitting a small mini aussie, and it worked great.

      below are some other links for playpens. Also don’t forget to try your local papers, penny saver, ebay classifieds and craigslist to find one used to spend less! Bleach any used ones though before using. 😀

    3. Lost_grl06 MuggleMuslimah says:

      Hi, I have two cocker spaniels who are similar to your pup. I actually found a puppy pen on Ebay for like 50 bucks and it can be covered at the top (like if I put them outside for the day, so they have shade) or open. Also if you get one of those blankets for the toddlers and children that wet the bed, you just slide that under the pen with some chewy toys.
      If you leave him in the pen when you leave the house, do not leave a chewy bone in there, like a raw hide. At least, we don’t. We are afraid our pups will choke (they’re greedy little monsters hehe). Leave plenty of water and maybe a few bits of food for her. Sometimes when I leave the house, I turn on the television so my pups can hear sound. Or, I play a bit of music. The sound usually helps them feel safe in a small space, and allows them to relax.
      I think any one of those pens/crates will be ok, but you need to figure out which one would allow your pup the most comfort. When you pick one, get him (or her?) used to it. Even when you are home (say cooking dinner?…or something) put your pup in the pen and allow it to get used to being in there. My pups do great now! They used to whine at first, but I found some toys that they really like, I made sure they had extra noms in their bowl and everything. Also, pick a nice spot for the pen to sit. I would try in front of a window so your pup has something to watch. We have a very large window (about the width of the entire wall, and almost to the ceiling) the pups sit in front of the window and they can look out instead of whining and going crazy lol.

      So yea, I wish there was a way you could let your pup test the pens. Also, the pen I found on Ebay was a pop up tent. I can be folded and taken with you. Like if you visit somewhere and want your pup to come, you can fold the tent up and slide it in your bag along with the water proof blanky, then pop it up and stick the pup in there. They are also on Amazon, but i’m not sure what it’s called.
      I typed in "dog pen" and it had quite a few.

    4. ♥Pony Girl♥ says:

      I think the second one, as it has more space for the dog, as that breed is an energetic breed.
      The sides are also pretty high on there, for a puppy, so it defintly wont escape, but there not to high so you can still get in..

      But i wouldnt use it once they are fully grown though.. 🙂

      Hope this helped x