should I crate train a primarily outdoor dog?

I just adopted a great dane puppy and plan for her to be an outdoor dog mostly. (big dog-small house, big yard) I plan to let her inside for short visits. I read that crate training is a must but they always talk about indoor dogs. Right now she stays in our laundry room at night and when we are gone, until she is use to everything. Is it necessary to crate train her still?

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    5 Responses to “should I crate train a primarily outdoor dog?”

    1. lalabo456 says:

      Yes, its very important. What if you need to go to the vet. Maybe she wont like to ride in it. If she doesnt like it you have to get her there somehow. Very important.

    2. Rod H says:

      Please do not leave a dog outside. Why bother to get one if you will not keep it inside with you. Crate training is great but you must start it now, the dog will love the crate as a place to get away from it all.

    3. Mal says:

      if you want to you can. if i was a dog i would want to be crate trained so i wouldn’t have to sleep in the laundry room

    4. cmann70726 says:

      an outside dog no why would you bother the thing is going to be exposed to weather rain heat snow storms why bother even training it dogs are ment to be indoor animals its kinda unfair to the pet would you like to be left outside all the time

    5. walkinglady says:

      I can’t believe any reputable great dane breeder would sell you a puppy if you were honest with them about it being an outdoor dog!! By all means, crate train her, better yet, why not actually house train her so the next home she goes to won’t have to. (This dog is never going to be anyone’s companion or pet if she’s kept outside – why is it again you got a dog?!?!)