Should I return the dog?

A friend of mine and her husband are in the middle of moving to TX and also on the outs of their marriage, divorce is soon to follow. Since her husband is away on training for work and she cant handle a 7 yr old and a 7 month old baby along with a dog she never wanted, she asked me to hold the dog until her husband returned for their move and most possibly to keep him. The dog is 8 months old not neutered, no vaccines and was being feed food that was making him sick. All on top of keeping him in his kennel in the garage all the time. We are more then available to keep the dog and in my honest opinion have given him a fantastic life since he has been here. He is also showing signs of abuse when we have never hit him or mistreated him. My friend has recently informed us that she has no interest in keeping the dog but her husband is willing to give up the dog but not to us because of his dislike of my husband (no reasons ever given for his dislike, they never had any connection and hardly have meet each other). So instead of give the dog a good home he rather take him to TX when he knows he will not be home enough to give the dog the attention he needs, his solution is just putting up a fence and putting him outside. What do you think? Should I return him? What are my rights if I want o fight his ownership.
Added note: the dog was free and he did not pay a dime aside from food and normal dog needs.

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10 Responses to “Should I return the dog?”

  1. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

    You have no rights to the dog, hell the wife cannot even give away the dog without her husband agreeing since he husband was the one from the sounds of things footing the bill. You can try to BUY the dog from him, but he demands the dog back you can’t refuse to give it to him just because he’s not going to be home enough.

  2. Avalon Macy says:

    Do NOT return the dog. I would consult a lawyer before getting the dog neutered and vaccinated because once the dog gets his rabies vaccine and county tag (if your county requires it) once the dog is registered under your name the dog then becomes your responsibility. This guy doesn’t sound like he even wants the dog and is just being a **** cause he knows you want to keep the dog. I wouldn’t report the abuse unless you have proof of it.
    I was in a similar situation like you, I had who I thought was a friend and his Aussie Shepard come stay with me cause he needed a place to stay and I gave him 2 weeks to find another place to stay, but he turned out to be a great con man and swinler and before I knew it 6 months went by and I paid the the dogs needs except for his vet care and that’s when I had enough I kicked him out. He left the dog and within a week I had him updated on his vaccines (thank god he was already neutered) and he’s registered in my name and he’s been mine ever since I’ve had him now for a year. Love the dog, but now I have a trust issue and have not and will never allow anyone to stay at my house ever again,(except for close friends and family who come down to visit.)
    It sounds like this guy doesn’t have any proof that this is his dog anyway and once he’s registered and microchipped he’s yours. After you do that I don’t see how this guy can claim the dog. Did he give you any money for the dog needs? If he did, I highly suggest consulting a lawyer about your rights. Most consults are Free.

  3. Rose says:

    Since the wife also owns the dog equally, she was looking after it, she gave it to you, then it is yours.

    However, if he has paid for food etc, while the dog was with you, then he has a claim on the dog.

    However, if he has paid you nothing, then add up all the expenses, including kennel , food, vet fees, absolutely every thing. Then tell him, that once he has paid what he owes you, you will consult a solicitor to see where you stand.

  4. Lelee says:

    If you vaccinate, license and neuter him in your name and microchip he is yours. Possession is nine tenths of the law. Also if she is married to him she can give or sell him for $1. it is all a matter of paperwork.

  5. Moondog has a clone says:

    Draw up a change of ownership paper and have the woman who gave you the dog sign him over to you. I would also be a good idea if you pay her a nominal sum….say $1 for the dog and have the woman issue a receipt so you have proof that she sold the dog to you. Then take the dog to the vet for deworming and vaccinations and have him microchipped in your name.

    If the previous owners have no contract of sale or receipt for payment for the dog and no vet records for him, get him signed over and m/chipped and that will be the end of the story. The nasty guy will have no claim on the dog because he has nothing to prove he owned or owns the dog. All ownership details will be in your name.

  6. Kaitlin says:

    Well first you should probably report the animal abuse, that is if you have proof. Then after animal control takes the dog away from the other guy you can adopt the dog. Good luck.

  7. surojabu says:

    If it were me, I’d keep the dog. I would not give him up willingly. If the husband wants the dog back, let him take legal action (which I doubt he will pursue because he doesn’t really want the dog). If he does take legal action, which I doubt, his wife gave you the dog. You now have ownership.

    Take the dog to the vet asap if you haven’t done so already. Get him his vaccines, get him neutered, get him checked out. This is another clear indication of ownership on your part, making it harder for the guy to try to claim the dog or have it returned to him.

    But again, if it were me, under no circumstances would I willingly give the dog back to this jerk. And make it an indoor dog (which I’m sure you have) so it’s not outside unattended which would give the guy access to taking it if he should decide to be a real jerk about it.

    I bet if you stand your ground and tell him firmly and clearly NO, he will drop the issue altogether rather than argue it. He sounds like a bully and he sounds like he’s trying to bully you and your husband.

  8. Yuk says:

    Just don’t give the dog back. It was given to you by the wife and that can be your argument. She gave up ownership of it.

  9. Monk says:

    Yeah keep the dog, its your now. Tell the husband that your keeping it whether he likes it or not. :S I would try that.

  10. Sunny Ice says:

    If me ,i won’t give it to the husband,as the wife had given the dog to you,keep it.the dog maybe have a bad life,the husband may not takes care of it,you like the dog,you own the dog,and then keep it forever.