Skiboard World Cup 2008 Successfully Concludes at Ski Dubai

Dubai, UAE, May 24, 2008: The first-ever major international winter sports event to be held in the Gulf region reached its successful conclusion yesterday, when the Skiboard World Cup wound up a three-day run of competition heats at Ski Dubai. The three-day event included six disciplines of competition; the Fakie Downhill, Slope Style, Rails and Boxes and the Chinese Downhill (a race down the slopes backwards) and The Big Air. “The winners have certainly deserved their medals, but all of the contestants from the 14 different countries should be praised for their competitive but friendly spirit throughout the contest. We fully hope to stage similar international competitions in the future at Ski Dubai General manager of Ski Dubai, Mike Mahoney and Fuad Mansoor Sharaf, Vice-President, Mall of the Emirates and his son Mansoor congratulates the Skiboar World Cup winners.

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