skier does imposible jump at indoor ski slope

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    15 Responses to “skier does imposible jump at indoor ski slope”

    1. hezekiahco says:


    2. neelesh2003 says:


    3. NickThomas1983 says:

      What a lame post. 99% of the viewers were expecting an actual jump. Not a couple of losers wishing they were good skiers. -from MT USA where we train olympic skiiers and boarders. Check out Compound Productions if you want to see real insane jumps

    4. krose3396 says:

      What a boner killer

    5. Agroskater1 says:

      Yep your bad

    6. summerbreyer234 says:

      @ freeman2545: me either

    7. freeman2545 says:

      i dont get it

    8. sambman98 says:

      Okay guys i have no comment but ….

    9. ryanurban18 says:

      Garbage.. I bet u guys say to yourself “pizza, french fries, pizza, french fries” as you ski. Do they serve spaghettios after the beginner lessons still like they used to?

    10. TechDeckXD1 says:

      vai toma no cu de quem boto essa poha, tem mais é qu se fuder mesmo!!!!

    11. abird321 says:


    12. 123shotas says:


    13. MadieCastin says:

      how to hack wifi networks with an android? well iwifihack (dot) net showed me how!!!

    14. dustyrusty09 says:

      That was SO impossible omg did that just happen?! This will forever be the best jump in ski history! Jk. Don’t hype yourself up just to let viewers down, I’m tired of this happening.

    15. westlinnlaxgoalie says:

      what the fuck were was the jump