skiing half backflip on dry ski slope

george attempts a backflip on skis with no previous knowllege of backflips! doesn’t go to well! crunch!

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8 Responses to “skiing half backflip on dry ski slope”

  1. lewisM402 says:

    lol i live in bearsden 🙂 im a freestyle skier at this club 😀

  2. loopkno says:

    i was at castle toward with my school in 2009 and i was in your group.
    so you are alive at least

  3. iandeelolz says:

    had to find it lolololololol

  4. signdm says:


  5. Romarioman says:


  6. fighter4rent says:

    dont know how sore that was but its well funny

  7. highseas11 says:

    bearsden bud glasgow

  8. BASILFORCE says:

    Where is this slope? I need to find one with ramps.