so i love my dog but she is horrible?

ok so we adopted her form some people my husband knows who pretty much beat her.. so we had trouble potty training her but she goes out now, except when we arent home… she goes on the floor literally within minutes of us leaving.. we hadnt even pulled outof the drive way yet and i had to come back in and there it was presents for me..

so we cant put her in a kennel beucase she tore up the plastic piece to catch the messes… then she bit the kennel wires which arent really wires its like thick metal. any way she bit them and bent them!!! and we foudn blood under her cage so we decieded it was best not to put her in there if she is making herself bleed..

so we tried our guest bathroom, well she tears the vent outof the floor, and scratched chunks out of the door and the tiles..

she got better after we started leaving her in the fron tof the house untill recently.. she tore up the carpet…. which is new. chewed up and ripped probably 4 ft of tv cables threw the floor.. and has peeed everywhere..

we have no idea what to do.. we totally love her. and wont gve her away.. well i wont i think my husband considers it.. but i dont know how to make her stop..

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3 Responses to “so i love my dog but she is horrible?”

  1. Snazzle says:

    You didn’t mention it so have you tried any sort of home alone training at all? If she was beaten and has just found a nice home it’s fairly natural that she’s going to want to be around you.

    Start slow. Shut her in one of the rooms while you stand outside for a few minutes. If she makes a noise don’t go to her (unless you can tell she’s being really destructive) but as soon as she’s quiet open the door and go in as though nothing happened. Don’t make a fuss of her otherwise she’ll never realise that you going away isn’t such a huge deal.

    Gradually build up the time, making sure that she has plenty of toys to keep her occupied. Try Kongs stuffed with food or rawhide chews which take time to get through to minimise the chance that she’ll start chewing undesirable things.

    If you can try and take her for quite a long walk before you go out to tire her out, she’s less likely to be destructive that way, or take her into the garden and make sure that she goes to the toilet before you leave.

    Try crate training but instead of just sticking her in there and leaving, which will stress her out and probably make her want to chew her way free, put her in there while you’re in the room. Maybe for a couple of hours a day. Keep her toys in there and maybe even encourage her to sleep in there. If she sees it as a nice den then she won’t be so against staying in there while you’re out (and she’s less likely to mess in a place she’ll sleep).

    If nothing works then I would suggest a trainer who will be able to see what is going wrong.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Have you considered contacting an animal behavourist as well as a trainer? Both would make such a huge difference in your lives.

  3. kirbster42 says:

    Dogs can get destructive if they are bored or have a lot of pent up energy.

    Make sure you are bringing her on a couple good walks every day and getting some good play time in too. This should help tire her out so she’s not bouncing off the walls when you leave.

    When you are gone it is good to give her something to work at and make her think. There are lots of toys out there now that are designed to mentally exercise a dog, the kong is a great one. You can stuff the kong with her food and give it to her right before you leave and she has to work at getting her food out. This should keep her occupied so she doesn’t turn to ripping up your home.

    Check out the kong website, under tips & advise there are a bunch of recipes you can try out too. For an extra challenge try freezing the kong!

    For the crate I’m not sure what kind you have but there are many different designs and types of crates. There may be one that works better for your dog. The crate works well to keep your belongings safe as well as the dog. You don’t want her getting into something dangerous when you are away.

    You may also want to try to work with her and the crate a bit more. My dog loves her crate now but it took time. Now it is her ‘safe place’. Check out a DVD called "Crate Games" it may help.

    Finally you may get a lot out of an obedience or dog manners class. That is a good step before you call in a trainer or behaviorist.

    Hope this helps, good luck!