Spaniel/Collie/Lab mix, pros and cons?

I’m looking at adopting a Spaniel mix, they think it may be collie or lab. He is 2 years old unaltered but seems calm in a kennel.

Any info on the mix or what to expect.

Health issues to be aware of?
Good for crate training?

Anything that you think might help?

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One Response to “Spaniel/Collie/Lab mix, pros and cons?”

  1. Bod says:

    Being that it’s a mix it will be difficult to really pinpoint how the dog will be like, but being that you know what breeds make up the dog you can still guess.

    -Spaniels, Collies, and Labs shed quite a bit. You’ll probably have to spend considerable time grooming the dog if you want to prevent matts or lots of stray hair clumped up in your house.

    -All 3 breeds are intelligent and high energy dogs, being that they were bred to hunt (spaniels and labs) or herd (the collie). It will probably be an intelligent dog that you’re going to have to put some effort into if you don’t want him getting bored and destructive. Make sure that you have the time to keep the dog’s mind occupied and his body tired from lots of exercise.

    – Hybrid vigor is a myth so the dog can have any health issue associated with any of those three breeds listed. Your best bet is to fully research the health problems all those breeds are at risk for.