Stop Motion Drawing 7: Faola the Puppy by Paul Alexander Thornton

A drawing of Faola the puppy made with a ballpoint pen and felt-tips. A photo taken every 3 seconds, capturing the process of the drawing being made over 2 days. Continuing my fascination with juxtaposing seemingly 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional elements of drawing. I also wrote, played and recorded the soundtrack ‘Rose’s Theme’ you can listen and download it for free here To see more artwork check out the following links http Follow me on Twitter and Facebook Thank you so much to Mónica M. Ayala Pérez for letting me draw her pet dog Faola! It’s very much appreciated!

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18 Responses to “Stop Motion Drawing 7: Faola the Puppy by Paul Alexander Thornton”

  1. PaulAlexThornton says:

    @RonHalfon There’s no right or wrong way to hold a pencil or a pen. What matters is results, whether or not a drawing is good, bad, nice or crappy is purely subjective, what is not subjective however is the fact that this video is a pen drawing and not a pencil drawing. That’s what.

  2. RonHalfon says:

    @PaulAlexThornton so what???

  3. PaulAlexThornton says:

    @RonHalfon it’s a pen

  4. RonHalfon says:

    It’s nice but you don’t hold you’r pencil right….

  5. MerryAnimationShow says:

    @PaulAlexThornton That’s pretty amazing. I hope to be as good as you one day :3

  6. EstebanCRC says:


  7. DoubleGee77 says:

    i gotta say this is pretty awesome! 🙂

  8. PaulAlexThornton says:

    @MerryAnimationShow Hi, no I don’t actually do a sketch but i do a really light outline in pencil, I keep it as basic as I can because the pencil marks show through from underneath the ink and it looks bad it’s also hard to rub out the lines once they are underneath the ink without smudging and ruining the drawing. If I’m making a drawing that is not in a film then often i wont outline it at all but the only problem is the risk of getting proportions wrong after the filming is just too much!

  9. just10614 says:

    Good work. My name is Justin and im from ohio. I really like your art. I’m about to get a sleeve tattoo done and I was wondering could u draw me basically a collage of ohio. From the rock and roll hall of fame, to a really mean brutus the buckeye, ohio stadium, the cleveland browns/indians, etc. Whatever else u think of. I’ll pay u for the pic, just hit me back and let me know if u can do it and how much the price is. Thanks..

  10. YourADrag says:

    very impressive!
    that was a really cool idea to use the paisleys as the body.

  11. CR055H41RZ says:

    the dogs head is a bit awkwardly placed but other then that its an A+

  12. CR055H41RZ says:

    @MerryAnimationShow probably he treis over and over till he gets it

  13. asmodeux18 says:

    Fantastic composition. I love the fact that everything is drawn freehand. Incredible detailing and command of both mediums. Nice change of pace from the skulls and flowers as well. Keep up the great work.

  14. MerryAnimationShow says:

    Do you do a sketch first and then draw, or just go for it?

  15. Matthewac1 says:

    That is just amazing!

  16. 801Muse says:

    skulls, flowers and now puppies. sick man

  17. rramosbaez says:

    I love how you drew something other than a flower or a skull.. You’re a great artist!

  18. plantshit says:

    I love every single one of your videos and I’m a huge fan. Please draw more.