Stubborn dog difficult to house train?

We got a new dog a few months back, he is a one year old half lab/half husky, we had him house broken for a couple weeks, but for about a month now it seems he has no interest in holding urine or stool and will even go if we are in another room of the house, i.e. the shower. Both of our dogs are together in the house on just the main floor that is three small rooms, all with no rugs. We absolutely can not put him in a crate, unless someone has a a better idea because we came home for 5 days straight to him with a bloody and swollen nose from literally digging at the metal bars of the crate, we put him in a wicker crate we had from our other dog that he chewed through in several spots. We are struggling to get him to let us know when he needs to go out instead of just going where he wants to or not holding it at all. We let him out if he gets hyper or we notice he walks out of the room and we give him treats every time he goes outside…we don’t know what to do about accidents he has during the day or letting us know he needs out. Frustrated! Any help would be appreciated.

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5 Responses to “Stubborn dog difficult to house train?”

  1. Kate C says:

    Your dog isnt stubborn. Your dog has way too much freedom that he has not earned.

    Start back at square one and work your way up from there. He needs to be tied to you at all times. And if he can not be tied to you, he needs to be let out and put in a crate or a tight enough space that he wont pee in.

    Crate training is called training for a reason as most dogs learn to associate the crate with good things, not a thing that leads to those around him leaving. Start crating training him with you both there so he can learn a crate is a good thing and build up to a good time to leave him in there. Or get a crate and just leave the door open for him, feed him in it, etc. Make positive associations with it. Most dogs will learn to love a crate as long as it doesn’t stand for loneliness.

    If he was going outside before, you missed his signals that he had to go too many times and that is why he is going inside now and not warning. His warnings are not being recognized.

    Was it him rubbing his nose on the bottom of the crate? A lot of dogs do that. Any exercise before crate time to make sure he is good and tired? And crate training before putting him in a crate so that the crate is a good thing?

    Seems your dog is just really pushing boundaries and your just letting him do that.

    Please note, there are dogs that can not be crated. There are ways to simulate a crate without the dog freaking, just be creative. But I find most dogs can learn to be ok with crating if they build up over a period of time.

    I know he can hold it, but since he offers little to know warning, it would be best to take him out every 30 minutes whether he has to go or not and if he does go, praise, praise, praise with both your voice and treats. He is old enough that a week of this should show good results, but I would give it a month at min to really break the current habit.
    Once he gives you consistent results, slowly start allowing him to stay out off leash, but always in your sight.
    Could you put a bell on the door to allow you to hear him telling you he needs to go and teach him to ring it to let you know?
    There are many ways to potty train a dog. Basic is limit freedom till he is ready and proven himself.

  2. MagsTweeter says:

    I’m sorry you have such a problem dog. There are a lot of useful internet resources on potty training puppies, I really think you should check them out! 🙂
    You might find something useful.

  3. Hotmama_srp says:

    Im betting he isnt fixed, and so he has the instinct to mark his territory. Maybe he wasnt housebroken to begin with, and was just too nervous to potty inside your home because it was unfamiliar to him, so now that he’s comfortable he is going in the house. Not sure what to tell you because most housebreaking methods for adult dogs rely heavily on use of a crate. You may have to find him a home where he can be an outside dog. I hope you dont have to go that route, but its gonna be extremely difficult to teach housebreaking if you cant crate.

  4. Zara says:

    observe what time does he poof and pee. take note of that and if that time is coming again, tie him with his collar and put him outside or where you want him to do that regularly. After doing so many times, maybe he could do it on his own cause it become a routine to your dog. just give it a try.

  5. Lacey UD, RE says:

    Do not give him freedom of the house. Tie him to a six to eight foot leash and attach the other end to you. He will learn to tell you that he needs to go out and you will learn to listen. Giving him a treat when he comes in teaches him nothing. You need to go out with him so that he can be praised the second that the crap hits the ground. Try confining him to only one room when you are gone. Make sure that he is well exercised and tired before you leave. Giving him a stuffed kong and leaving a radio or TV running will help. Also makes sure that it’s not the other dog leaving the mess.