Swat team terrorizes Missouri family, kills dog in crate

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3 Responses to “Swat team terrorizes Missouri family, kills dog in crate”

  1. MOAONAABE says:

    @talltommy46 yeah, I was pretty upset when I watched that video. all over a empty pipe.
    If nothing else that is the reason the legalize pot, its no worse than drinking, or cigarettes.
    look at all the pain and suffering, these laws are inflicting on people. I honestly can’t understand how a mann could live with himself after doing something like that, but these black hats are all so gung ho, just like Ruby Ridge. Thanks for watching it, I know it was a long one.

  2. talltommy46 says:

    If they are looking for a war? LET IT START HERE!

  3. talltommy46 says:

    The FOX News Whorehouse??? I would be saying KILL ME KILL ME NOW, cuz I’m gonna HUNT YOU DOWN YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!