“The best gyro I’ve ever had” Justin’s photos around Athens, Greece

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Athens, Greece by TravelPod blogger Justin titled “The best gyro I’ve ever had” Justin’s travel blog entry: “Greece: the land of gyros and big fat weddings…and really a very nice place, thus far. I only just arrived last night, via ferry from Venice. The trip took 28 hours and I had “deck tickets” which bassically means that I sat on the deck of this giant ship for 28 hours. Luckily, I met two Australian girls who had some insider information and we set up camp on top of the dog kennels. I know it sounds strange, and yes it smelled like petco, but there was a roof that sheilded us from the opressive sun during the day, and the freezing sea wind (and even a bit of rain) throughout the night. all in all, it wasnt that bad of a trip, just not very comfortable. When we arrived, I caught a bus to Athens and found my hostel and went straight to sleep. I had been on the road for three days, and i needed a good rest. Today I explored the the city a bit, went to the Acropolis and climbed up to the Parthenon to snap some touristy photographs, and snooped around the flea markets a bit. For lunch, I had the best Gyro I’ve ever had in my life (and I am somewhat of an international Gyro / Kebab conoseur, at this point). During lunch, I was repeatedly accosted by these guys trying to sell me bootlegged coppies of American movies and CDs (i can get that **** for free back home…at least try to sell me something greek, damnit

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