Tips/clues as to why my dog is doing this?

I have an 9 month old miniture dacshund, and she has been the best dog ever. She loves my kids and other dogs, even plays with my cat. She is crate trained while we are at work, and up until very recently, used the pee pads if or when she had to. She also potties outside when we take her.
But here the last 2 weeks or so, she is refusing to use the pads. She also refuses to pee or poo outside. I don’t know why. She will sniff over them, walk right past them, and pee on the carpet every time. I have done everything I know to do to make her pee on them, I haven’t moved them they have always stayed in the same spot.
And she wont potty outside anymore either. She has an appt. to get spayed later this month.
Has this happened to anyone before? ANd what did you do?

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6 Responses to “Tips/clues as to why my dog is doing this?”

  1. Steve E says:

    I would never use pee pads or paper to train my dog to pee in the house. Sorry it just sounds like you are to lazy to let your dog out to go. Dogs aren’t cats with a litter box. I know companies sell this crap and they get rich doing it but it doesn’t make it right.

    Start over with your house training first confine dog when you can’t watch the dog (kennel) or easy to clean area like kitchen floor. Take dog outside after feedings and throughout the day at regular intervals and praise when your puppy goes outside. Lets talk praise don’t just say good boy make a big deal about it the sooner you can get your dog trained to figure out that great awesome things happen if he goes outside then things will get easier for you. So act a bit of the fool and praise your dog treat your dog and play with your dog it just did something you want, capture the moment.

    Next you could teach your dog to bark to go out or maybe ring a bell.

    You will also need your carpets and house disinfected and steam cleaned or the dog will want to keep messing the same area.

    I do performance dog sports so I need my dog to go on command so I train this behaviour and praise it from the very beginning. He can go on an surface grass, pavement, gravel, wood chips it doesn’t matter he is trained. You can train your dog too.

  2. Maxi says:

    It tends to happen to anyone who uses pee pads sooner or later, as what you are doing is training the dog to toilet in he house…so they do, but they start to chose where they go……stop confusing the dog…throw away all those pads, take outside, start toilet training again stand silently wait until she goes then as she is doing it say ‘be clean’ you are teaching action=command and then later once she knows ( 1 week, gong out EVERYTIME and saying the same thing) the command with=action….and you then don’t need to go with her anymore……….restrict her space if you can’t watch her in the house

  3. john n says:

    she has gotton away with dirtying on the carpet and her scent is there so she figures this is her spot.scrub it good with carpet cleaner and use diluted amonia so it will absorb the odor.start taking her out right after she eats,naps,plays and walk her for excersize to get everything moving when she is out.these little breeds can be stubborn and get a one tract mind so teach her again like she is a puppy and hope fully it will click in to go outdoors, spaying might help also. good luck

  4. Eureka! says:

    Without having seen her, it sounds as though she is going through a difficult age! She is beginning to think of herself as a grown up dog, and she may think she owns the house and sets the rules.

    You need to start potty training over again, and you need to be very clear that she is not in charge of anything. When you say Jump, she says How high? Take a look at some basic training classes or just google NILIF or No Free Lunch.

    Make sure that you clean the areas she has soiled really well – the remaining scent will keep drawing her back there, and her sense of smell is a great deal better than yours.

    And yes, get rid of the pee pads. Either she is in the crate, or you are watching her so you can tell her No and take her straight outside when she starts to go potty indoors.

  5. Bells : says:

    No, but I NEVER used pee pads. That’s a waste of your time, training and money. It teaches a dog that its OK to urinate INSIDE the house…which is exactly what your dog is doing.

    Go back to housebreaking 101 w/o the pee pads.

  6. Kristin says:

    I agree that pee pads are not a great plan, but what you may be experiencing is your dog entering its "teenage year". these can happen anywhere between 5 to 12 months. during this time your pup may relapse in training, have more accidents. be more rebellious and basically like youre stereotypical teenager. just continue to be consistent with your training and your little girl will grow out of it and be back to herself. good luck <3