ugg dog carrier?

i want to buy one online at but before i do i just wanted to see does anyone have one
its for my chihuahua and i just want her to be comfortable while traveling. so does anyone have any info on it or maybe one better?
i just wonder would it be comfortable and easy to clean.
thank you

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8 Responses to “ugg dog carrier?”

  1. Dalan says:

    Honey that is an adorable carrier! But really what kind of traveling are you doing? If you want the pup to be safe no matter what get a hard side pet taxi – they come in some very attractive colors and they will withstand anything!! You can get comfortable pads for them that are wash able and they are easy to take apart and clean out…Now if you are trying to smuggle your pup into stores in a purse like carrier then that is quite a cute carrier but you can truely find them cheeper and cuter as others have stated…I have used both for both reason but all my stuff comes from friends or second hand stores that can be disinfected and used…


  2. Sharon F says:

    OMG! Do people really spend that much money on a pet carrier? Sorry-I guess I’m cheap because I have 2 small carriers that I threw in some old towels & T-shirts (for the smell of me) and my pets are quite content! I guess I don’t pamper them as much as others might. But if money is no object and your dog needs the status, then go for it.

  3. vet2be63 says:

    there are plenty of bags alot cheaper that are just as nice. your pup will cnug in any of them. the inside of that one should clean easy but not the outside. if i were you i’d keep looking. try ebay.

  4. Honesty is the ONLY policy says:

    you can get a normal dog carrier
    and a bed for that crate
    for a quarter of what you will pay for that. it is overpriced and not worth it

  5. nascarett says:

    Waaaay too expensive, unless you have the money….I agree, there are plenty of other places to get similar carriers at a fraction of that price….foster and smith is a good one.

  6. ? Stranger ¿ in Indiana says:

    There are many comfortable carriers wayyy cheaper than ugg…in fact the cheaper ones from good companies may be more comfortable for your dog, Ugg really just cares more about style/looks/money.

  7. mcr122 says:

    check out foster and smith online they have great stuff

  8. kemaramodel says:

    it has a waterproof lining and removable shearling pad, so i can’t imagine it being too hard to clean.
    it actually looks pretty nice… if you have the $$ to spend on it, I’d say go for it.
    I would also recommend a doggy stroller. I had one and they’re awesome. Besides the looks and people thinking you have a baby, until the puppy barks or something. lol.
    Check that out! I think that is adorable!