Weimaraner in kennels?

I am putting my 10 month old Weimaraner, Heidi, into boarding kennels for 2 nights (Thurs and Fri) and I am so upset about it.

It can’t be avoided because we are going to a family wedding so there would be nobody to look after her.

She is crate trained and the kennels I have chosen are nice and she will get 2 walks per day (she could also have a swim and a go on the running machine!).

Do you think she will be OK? What do I need to take apart from her up to date injections certificate? Should I take a blanket which smells of me?

Her cousin (another Weim called Amy) is staying inthe same kennels and I have asked that they be put in kennels next to each other because they know each other.
I know it’s a dog but she is also a part of our family and when she is used to being with us all the time I imagine she will feel deserted and upset.

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9 Responses to “Weimaraner in kennels?”

  1. Amber says:

    If i was putting my weim in a kennel i would take her blanket and maybe one of her toys. (one i was not worried about getting back). I’m sure she will be fine and with her cousin being there it will be like a vacation for her. don’t worry too much and enjoy your trip.

  2. stopthekilling says:

    She’ll be just fine. But bless you for caring so much … she is a lucky pup to be so very loved. Have a nice trip and try not to worry 🙂

  3. K R says:

    how refreshing that you care so much about your dog.you should definately take a blanket that smells of home.id not make too much fuss when you leave her at the kennels(dont want to give her cause for concern) but make a real big fuss when you pick her up.good luck,shell be fine

  4. Starlight says:

    She should be fine. I’ve never been to the place, but we have plenty of other people with the same concerns coming to board there animals at the vet clinic i work at all the time. They are well taken care of. You can bring something for her, bring her some toys, you can take a blanket,shirt anything that has your smell on it that would be good.

  5. rusty.ily says:

    They’ll be fine, they get fed, exercised, washed, proper sleep, what else can go wrong, Think it of it as a Dog Hotel [Well it kinda is] She’ll have a ball.

  6. Rise Again says:

    OK….keep repeating,"It’s a dog…it’s a dog!".

  7. Tracy S says:

    she will be ok, just make sure you take with you something that smells of you and her injections certificate, if she is on specialised food take it, if not they will feed her there x

  8. mcc says:

    She will be fine.

  9. gentleannie says:

    I think she’ll be fine, seems like you did research to find a reputable kennel, I know you hate to leave Heidi but it nice that she will be with a dog she knows, I would brink a favorite toy and a small blanket with your smell will be fine, but they will probably tell you they can’t promise you’ll get it back, but her toy will have your smell on it too and I would give them treats that she really likes and some for her cousin too, dogs hate when one gets a treat and they don’t