what are some ways i can make my 2 year old dog less afraid of loud noises?

My dog is turning 2 in february, he is very scared of loud noises, fireworks, bad thunder, and some other stuff, what are some ways i can get him to be less afraid, whenever he hears a loud noise, he runs under my bed, or in his cage thats where he feels most safe, he is a big dog he is a chesapeake bay retriever.

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2 Responses to “what are some ways i can make my 2 year old dog less afraid of loud noises?”

  1. Aduial says:

    The best way is to expose him to them as much as possible. When he acts afraid, don’t coddle him. You can treat him but don’t act like you have to baby him because he’s afraid. Block his behavior of fleeing from it.

  2. GSD SchH Addict says:

    Desensitization and conditioning, for the most part.

    Never force your dog into a situation where he is largely uncomfortable. If he is hiding in his crate, where he does indeed feel safe, don’t drag him out, or try in any way to "make him face his fears", as some feel inclined to do.

    Neither, of course, should you make a big fuss over him, petting and cooing and treating him in an effort to calm him down. All he takes out of the situation then is that he gets rewarded for his fear, and that fear will increase, if anything. However, if your dog, as a retriever, loves to play fetch more than anything in the world, try to engage him in a game of fetch-the-tennis-ball, or tug, if that’s what he likes to do. This is not rewarding him for his fear, but rather getting his mind off of it.

    Here is an article that you may find useful on desensitizing and conditioning dogs that are afraid of thunder and loud noises in general.

    Essentially, it suggests

    "Change the dogs environment: Changing the dogs environment can hopefully reduce the volume level of the storms sound and help make the pet less aware of what is going on. A few things you can do are:

    • turn on some soothing music or the TV to mask the storm noises until the storm has past,

    • rub your dogs coat with a fabric softener dryer sheet to decrease the static in it’s coat,

    • cover windows so the dog can’t see the lightning and other storm related activities,

    • keep your dog away from glass doors and windows,

    keep outside gates locked and closed, and

    • don’t confine your dog to a small space such as a crate (the scared dog could seriously injure itself if it were to try to escape)."

    Also, for thunder and other loud noises, you should be aware of your own emotions and body posture, as well as those around you. If you are walking your dog down the street and hear a loud "BANG" and react by jumping and exclaiming in fear, your dog will, believe it or not, feed off of your emotions and react in a similar way. After all, your dog looks to you for guidance and if you act uncertain and frightened, don’t be surprised if your dog does, too.

    Good luck, and hope it was of help.