What breed of dog should I get?

First let me say this, I will NOT buy an animal from a petstore or puppy mill. I know the truth. I will adopt or buy from a reputable breeder.

I already have a sable rough collie, she’s three months old (Got her from Jupiter’s collies). She’s already potty trained (She will only do it inside if I don’t take her in time), knows her basic commands (sit, down, speak, come, go get it, wait) is learning to heel. Spin and roll over are commands that she will do with some help and motivation. She is crate trained.

I don’t have a job (Working on getting my documentation XD), so I’m always home. My husband works and goes to college. I am active in my church, and I’m actually going to have my Collie, Angie be a therapy puppy. Yes I’m going to take her to classes with a personal trainer.

However, although I love Angie, I want another dog. I’m not extremely active, so high working breeds like a husky or a border collie is a no no for me. At home I am a couch potato, yes I do tend to my duties and clean the house, which does take a few hours of my day, but I do prefer to sit and relax. I have no problem throwing balls around lol. My puppy is still learning how to drop the ball or give it to me LOL.

I got a collie because they are not active indoors, not the best couch potatoes, but one that is not that active. Specially when I give her a fifteen minute walk (Requirements for puppies are different). Then retreat home, and she will fall asleep LOL. I do practice tricks at home to tire her mind. I’m looking for toys ideas to exercise her mind too, so suggestion is appreciated.

I was thinking to get another collie. My husband loves german shepherds, I know the white variety is a bit more mellow. My future trainer (I have met her already) has a great Dane, I did research on my own about the breed, she told me that she couldn’t live without a Dane, and said they only need 25 minutes exercises. They are the largest lap dog ever XD.

Anyways I do have the time, and I am thinking of getting this new puppy in about a year from now, I need to do much research. Any breed that you would like for me to look into? Keep in mind that I love fur!! And I don’t mind my animal’s fur on me at all. Size to me also doesn’t matter. My husband does want a dog to be a guard dog, and a bit intimidating, so people will think twice before breaking in. (I’m a weakling >.<), I do think a Dane would be great, they are intimidating but lacks aggression XD!!! I don’t want a Spaniels or bull dogs. A brittney (Sp?) would probably hold the flashlight for the robber XD!!! No chiwahauhau >.> please

Breeds that I am interested are:
1. Another Collie
2. Great Dane
3. Golden Retriever
4. Papillon
5. Pit Bull (I would love to get the dog breed I grew up with, but I could get sued >.< for no reason >.>)
6. Rotweiler (Come on, these love giants are great)
7. Doberman (Beautiful dog, but I don’t know if I have what it takes)
8. Saluki
Replying to Terri, the 13th answer:

There is no such thing as a bad dog, it’s the irresponsability of the trainer/owner that do no research. To get my puppy, I did 3 years of research, including on the breed and the place where to get my future dog from. The breeder that I got my dog from, I had contact with her six months before I even bought a dog from her. I also, personally with my husband drove to her place to check if the dogs were okay.

I grew up with a pit that never bit me, I grow up with a rottie that never growled, I grew up with two german shepherd that tolerated nine other dogs. (I lived in Brazil, and my mother often left me with different people for a few months at a time)

And instead of the two german shepherd that bit me, or constantly growled at me, it looked like a Toy Manchester Terrier Dog >.> due to being overproctectice over my grandma

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17 Responses to “What breed of dog should I get?”

  1. CassieO says:

    Throwing a few breeds out there, I’m not an expert on some of these so I would reccommend doing more research on them if interested:

    – Mastiff
    – Newfoundland
    – St.Bernard
    – Great Dane
    – Golden Retriever

    Good luck!

  2. MH Danes says:

    I have owned Great Danes, a Golden Retriever mix, and a Saluki, plus I have known several Pit Bulls, so I’ll give you my personal experience on these breeds, the other ones I don’t know about as much, so I won’t mention them.

    My Great Danes have been great dogs, they are lovable and so much fun, and when they get to about 2 years of age, they are calm and quiet and sleep a lot. My current Great Dane is 8 months, 32 inches and the shoulders, and close to 100 pounds, and she is completely wild and full of energy, with more training she would be less exuberant, but I like her this way 🙂 I don’t like Great Danes for the fact that they are unhealthy and have short life expectancies, my first Dane lived only to 4.

    My first dog was a Golden Retriever mix, he loved everyone, was a great family dog and got into little trouble, these are usually traits of most Goldens. He was moderately active and was happy with as much or as little exercise he got, if he got too little, he wouldn’t drive you crazy.

    My Saluki is my newest addition, he is very independent, smart, and mischievous. He steals things all the time when you’re not looking, papers, slippers, leashes, etc. He needs a lot of exercise, but not in the form of walking, they need to run free in a safe area. As a general rule they do not come back when off leash (even if they are trained to come, they frequently ignore the command if there are more interesting things to look at than you.) So they need a safe area that is large for them to run free. A minimum fence height of 5 feet (any lower and they jump it with ease, plus invisible fences do not work with Saluki) and a large area. If you don’t have this, you’ll have to find a place that fits these requirements.

    All the pit bulls I have known (I’ve known around 10) have been overly enthusiastic and very excitable and incredibly silly. I like them very much, but they are a little too "in your face" for my taste.

  3. Makayla says:

    dont get a golden retreiver they wont get along with the collie I would get get a great dane they are realy good dogs I own one

  4. Michelle says:

    I think you should get a Pomeranian. They are cute loveable dogs are so much fun to play with.

  5. terrortld says:

    4 of the breeds you’ve posted here are ALWAYS on the "most dangerous breeds" or "top biting dogs" lists decade after decade. Add the german shepherd and you’ve got 5 of the 10 from the most dangerous lists. Do a simple search with "most dangerous breeds" or "dogs that bite the most" and you’ll see what I’m saying.

    Likewise, do the reverse search–"top family dogs" or "most friendly breeds" and you will see the golden retriever has held the highest spot for decades.

    If you really want a LARGE dog that is rather lazy and super kind, get a Newfoundland. If you want a medium size dog that adapts to laziness, get a golden retriever or bull dog. If you want a sweet, lap-happy dog, check out King Charles.

    But get a DOG friendly dog–Pits, Rotties, Dobermans, Germans are not typically tolerant of other dogs. You also want a PEOPLE friendly dog that is eager to please–this means getting a dog that obeys MORE than ONE master (again, check out the "most friendly dogs" list or "best family dogs"). The dogs you’ve posted tend to be ONE OWNER loyal…this does not make the best situation if you have more than one person living in your home.

    Best of luck!

  6. Jennifer Slayton says:

    I have had a Hound, a Husky and now I have a Golden Retriever. My Golden is by far the best match for me. There are so good with all people and love to lay around and be cuddled. So if you do plan on taking them to help others with therapy a golden would respond well. They do shed but I would not trade him!!! My mom had a Dane and they are great too. One day though I will get a Newfie.

  7. mandy says:

    i have a boxer and she is he most amazing thing ever.
    Everyone always thinks shes a pit bull though!! they always get really scared when i take her out for a walk.
    its sorta funny 😛

  8. Summer says:

    A blue Great Dane! They are lovable, smart, and will be very satisfied with one walk a day (they are couch potatoes!)

  9. Miki says:

    Golden retriever

  10. fluffyness says:

    chihuahua mixed with a poodle if u like running dogs Yorkie if u like crazy dogs A big dane i think that’s it name im a chihuahua owner but i think yorkies are the best!

  11. McKenzie Terrill says:

    Terrortl: Excuse me? Um, no there is NO dangerous dogs! Only bad owners.
    Because of people like you so called ‘dangerous dog breeds’ are put to sleep more often, because they are considered dangerous.
    They are NOT dangerous! Its their dumb owners who think its fun to torment them… These breeds are made to protect, and protect they will, even of themselves!
    All breeds of dogs are sweet, including my Germand Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, who is the sweetest thing!
    There is at least 20 dogs in every breed that is more likely to bite, even little dogs.
    The main reason these dogs are classified dangerous is because they have strong jaws so when they do bite it hurts.
    Even if lets say a lab bit more, it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much, so they’d still not be classified.
    Also the only thing dangerous will be ME when I get to the people like YOU. 😀 Beware…

    Also: All dogs in these breeds are people loving. And half of each are dog loving (except maybe Pits, which are amazing and sadly made to fight). These breeds are made to be good with people…
    Plus my GSD/Rottweiler mix LOVES dogs, he is scared of little dogs tho. Doesn’t he sound scary?
    I know many Dobermans (One named China, she is friends with my dog) loves dogs, and then I know a Pit Bull in my dog class, and a Rottweiler… All sweet!

  12. livia says:

    you should save a dog!! 🙂 since you are interested in SPECIFIC dogs… try a rescue "Collie Rescue" "Dane Rescue" Doberman Rescue"

    there are rescues that are specific to the breed. If would be great if you turned a neglected/abused dog into a helper/healer (like you are training your collie)

    I have a doberman (came from a puppymill 🙁 , a neglected toy poodle, and a lab/germanshep mix from a rescue)… i am so happy that i was able to save them…. these dogs are blessings.

  13. Navsher S says:

    i’d say go with a rottweiler or an akita. both are great breeds

  14. Lid-ee-uhh says:

    i have a tri color rough collie and a golden retriever. they are awesome dogs and i would definitely recommend them to anyone. great danes are the biggest sweethearts! but only get one if you can handle their size. Rottweilers are also great! good luck!

  15. Karen says:

    shi tzu

  16. Vannerr. says:

    go to a shelter and get a mix breed, like for example a rottweiler mix. You should always get a pound puppy. (:

  17. Chevy says:

    Honestly, if I were you, I would wait before getting another dog. Sure, your Collie is easy now, but she’s still a baby. The hyper puppy thing usually happens between 4-9 months. I know you want another dog, and I understand, but please consider waiting a few more months and getting some training under your belt before adding to the household.

    Also, I would agree with the first post… Adopt a mixed breed *adult* dog from your local shelter. Mixed breed dogs have fewer health problems overall, and you’ll be saving a life. Or if you’re dead-set on a purebred dog, consider a rescue dog. I’m sure there’s a collie rescue in your area… As well as a Golden rescue, a GD rescue, Rottie rescue, Dobie rescue… you name it! Then you get a dog that has been in foster care with a family, is already housebroken, probably already has some manners training, and you’ll know more about it’s personality.