What can I do with my dog, I am at my wits end?

We got a mini dachshund from a friend two months ago, we were told she was trained to pee outside, but she was not, at all. Two years old when we got her. She will not even go on puppy pads. I have been crating her during the day and letting her out every two hours when I am home and praising her like CRAZY when she goes outside, but most of the time she does not go and hides behind something and goes inside instead. She does know she is not allowed because the minute she sees that I know where she peed/poo’d, she goes and runs in the bathroom. I have never hit her or anything, just a stern NO when she goes inside and put her outside.

Also as soon as we leave she busts open her kennel, and tears up everything in the house when we are not there. We hired a professional dog trainer and that did nothing, he even told us she is a really unintelligent and stubborn dog.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong, I never get rid of animals but am on the verge of giving her back, I don’t get any time to myself anymore it’s just cleaning up after this dog. She has ruined our house basically.
She is spayed as well.

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  1. oncebittentwiceshy says:

    There is no perfect answer.First I would take her outside ((maybe use a leash))and have her go in the same place EVERY TIME at the same time every day and ((don’t clean this spot for a long time to get her to know this is her bathroom)). She will smell and understand that is her place. Then I would give her something she just absolutely loves like a piece of bacon or hot-dog. I would not feed her before I left to go somewhere if it was not long. Remember they do not have to eat at all times. They can wait until you get home. When I raised Labrador puppies in pine wood chips I would have the new owners take some of the wood chips and put them in the corner of their yard and sometimes they would never have an accident in their home. I would also have a spray container with white vinegar(some people use hot sauce) in it and when I would get a stubborn puppy pee on the floor I would spray them on their nose. You must also consider that the dog maybe retaliating for leaving another home and going to yours. I have boarded dogs for people and sometimes they would not eat for a week and then when the were reunited with their owners they would eat like crazy! Sometimes they would be so stressed out that they would have the runs. Oh yes you can not let her bust out of her kennel cage and into your house. You might want to get a better cage…they are more expensive but so is your house. You may want to move the cage near the door at least until you have her trained better so she can’t get into the house as easily. Good-luck and I hope this helps you!!!

  2. Steve C says:

    I’ve seen these "bricks" for sale that encourage the dog to go outside the smell of them. Just place outside somewhere and they will like to go there. Also walk your dog some. Put the dog on a leash and walk them down the street. let them sniff around. It’s what dogs do. They sniff around and check their e-mail or pee mail. They’re seeing what’s been going on. Dogs are little adventurers and explorers. if you just pen them up they do destructive things from their frustartion of not being able to see anything of the world beyond 10 square feet of kitchen linoleum.

  3. Brandi says:

    You need to do a serious crate training. First 2 hrs between bathroom breaks with a half house trained dog is too long. I set a schedule with my dog. In the morning I carried him outside to pee so he didn’t get the urge to go inside then a praise and a treat. Then we played for a half hr to 45 minutes. After that breakfast in the crate or breakfast and then crate immediately. After about half hr 45 minutes bathroom break. If he went we would play again for about 20 mins to half hour. If he didn’t go straight back into the crate for another 20 mins and bathroom break. I would repeat it until he’d go then we’d play. I’d then crate him in the kitchen throughout the day to play because it gave me free time and he also wasn’t caged all day long. But keep up the schedule including lunch and dinner in there. Until he is consistent keep the schedule. Trust me it works my dog trained in no time.

  4. Megan says:

    Start with a stronger kennel and give her treats when she does potty outside, not too much praise (she may not be smart enough to know the difference between praise & stern voice), no potty outside no treat, potty outside get treat, she may learn that. I hate to say this because there is no nice way to say it, but it would take a miracle on your part being as a professional couldn’t help, if you did in fact do everything the professional said for a LONG time, this is no easy fix, it will take weeks or months – if she ever learns. Some dogs just never ‘get it’. Small dogs have a different sense of space than big dogs. Big dogs look at the entire house as their bed, and they will not ‘go’ where they sleep. Little dogs can ‘go’ in the corner and still think they have the rest of the room as their space, so they don’t think they are pottying in their bed.

  5. amibug says:

    first and foremost i have three daschunds now, i have had 10 throughout my life, they are very emotional dogs, the pout and have very stubborn manners, i too had a daschund that refused to potty outside, heres the basics,,,, always keep every door shut in your home!!! especially till you stop this problem, okay, daschunds DO NOT LIKE, COLD OR WET GROUNDS! I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE but the ground is a big issue especially for females, you have to pick them up and put them in the place you want them to pee, stupid it sounds but it works, my daschund for two years now will pee in the summer on the grass rarely but 90% of the time pees only on the cement drive way, weird huh? the like to pee more on carpet and rugs because their underbelly is not getting wet, also i know it sounds mean, but if she is not in your lap or in your sight keep her in the kennel, daschunds are very disobedient and she is tearing up stuff from jealousy, mine to this day tears and rips up my sons quilts stuff animals or small toys and his room is also the room she would pee in i totally kept the room closed! i ended up buying a baby gate for that door to block her, i kept her in the kennel at all times that we did not have direct contact with her and made sure that i scheduled or eating and drinking times, they are very stubborn and jealous dogs you are doing the right thing by not punishing her verbally for the accidents just make sure you are verbally awarding her when she does pee outside, but find a nice dry spot for her i really think it will help and make sure she is in kennel when you dont have a direct eye on her it took about 4 mos of this to break mine, oh and mine was 18 mos old when i got her

  6. solas lethe says:

    um to the chick that said rub their nose in it you are so wrong. how would you like it if i did that to you. it truley is demeaning and abusive to dogs. crating is good but it almost sounds like this dog was mishandled b4 you even got her, i think you have 2 choices, give her back b4 you get too attatched to the dog because you could be in for alot more grief or second get a trainer or seek a vet. their could be a problem. i will never own an adult dog unless it was a rescue and i knew what i was in for. puppys are the best way to go because you know that your the only one thats taught the dog.

  7. Becky says:

    It takes SO much work to retrain small older dogs! You definitely have a tough case on your hands! I commend you for not giving up on her yet. I would do lots of research on the topic and breed i’m not that familiar with it. However i can say she would do best with a consistent schedule. Try to let her out every 2-3 hours. (They have small bladders) And have you looked into getting her fixed?
    Best luck 🙂

  8. playgurl53 says:

    well she’s prbly bored when you leave so give her some toys that will keep her ocupied for a while and she chews on stuff in your house because she prbly has too much energy or maybe she’s just stressed but you can change that also just take her out for at least two walks a day and try and make them long, and if you can run her thats really good too because if she’s tired she wont be stressed as much if thats her problem and she wont chew and tear up things as much as she does now and she might even stop completely if you keep her walks consistant

  9. Nickyornuttin says:

    I would have it put to sleep, don`t pass the problem off to someone else, I`m sure they like there carpet to , please do the right thing

  10. Kerfuffle says:

    Thats why you dont get small dogs, they’re stupid and untrainable. Smack her butt hard and yell no when she goes in the house then throw her outside. That’ll do the trick.

  11. murph043 says:

    when the dog pee’s outside give it a treat when it pee’s inside scoal it there is a spray that you can get that when you spray on furniture it will not bite it . hope i helped

  12. Aristes says:

    She probably was half-way trained there, but reverted when she got to her new home.
    Assert your dominance and keep her with you at all times. Don’t let her leave the room you’re in, even if you have to use baby gates or a long training lead. I’d imagine if she’s busting out of her crate, it’s probably plastic. Put an end to that and get a wire crate. If you find that she’s able to push the pin up to get out, hold it down with a piece of wire (usually a pipe cleaner works fine for small dogs, if it’s twisted well).

    Confine her to a small space if she still won’t go out and train her on pads. At least if she’s on pads, she’s not on the carpet, right? That might have to be the first step to training her.

    She definitely needs time, and I think you can do it.

  13. Am says:

    It sounds like you may not be spending enough time with her.

    Dogs usually have a tendency to act out when they are left at home for a long time and can only express their excitement by peeing on things or tearing them up.

    You may want to try to walk her more often or take her around other people or dogs to socialize with

    Or you can take her to a couple puppy training sessions, that may help

    Good luck!

  14. Luis says:

    School for dogs

  15. orangebunny says:

    omg i know exactly how you feel! i got my 2nd dog from a friend who (just like yours) said that he was totally trained.. he destroyed our carpets, and some furniture.. the only thing is, my dog was much younger when we got him .. my recommendation is, google brad pattison.. he is a great dog trainer, and he is on tv too.. i think he has a site where he answers a lot of questions.

  16. dmc4vergil says:

    you can give your dog for an asian man to eat 🙂

  17. Future Mrs. Carlise Cullen! says:

    when she pees/poops in the house, you need to grap her, stick her nose in it and say NO, that usually works, and you may need to keep her outside during the day. That should teach her where to pee/poop

  18. Kathleen L says:

    My dog used to be just as bad. The only real way to handle it is to seek out a trainer. Petco has an affordable program. Ive tried everything under the sun this is the only thing that works.
    Good luck ;]

  19. Zucaritas says:

    give the dog back u should b running the house not the dog

  20. Bunit says:

    Contact Ceasar Milan (Dog Trainer Extraordinaire)